Sunday, March 28, 2010

Artwork For Bathroom

So we are working on our whole house bit by bit, and I am looking for a great print to add to my main bathroom.

We have a 1950's home, so of course my bathroom has that retro tile in gray and pink! (Did they not make bathtubs that weren't pink in that decade?!) Even though in a way I love that gray and pink tile, since pretty much everything from that decade makes me swoon, one day it will all need to come down for both aesthetics and structural reasons, but until there are few extra Benjamins laying around we are making due with what we have. I have been browsing Etsy for some art to jazz it up a bit in there and here are some of the lovelies I came across...

Love Will Save the Day - Grey Art Poster Print
So cute and perfect color combo! Click here!

Wash Your Hands Owl 11x14
Ahh! I love this and soo perfect for the bathroom ;)

Birds in Blues
The color, the birds, oh my I'm in love!

I Heart Nerds Print
This is maybe not exactly what I want for the bathroom, but I just Love it :)

I will definitely update with my final choice, and maybe post some pics of the bathroom's groovy tile ;)

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