Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Don't You Mean "A Fish Out of Water"....

Nope, I mean it when I call myself a
bird out of water. Allow me to introduce myself....

Hello, my name is Ashley. I fill my days with making things, surfing with my husband, and spending entirely too much time reading blogs! Having just recently finished with Miss Elsie*Cakes Style School, I felt inspired to create a blog of my own, and maybe even an Etsy shop to pass along some of my goodies.... but what to call this new project??...

Photo 9

A little back story...
One claim to fame of mine is that I am an absolute murderer of cliches. This "skill" is completely unintentional. Things like, "that was the last straw that broke the camel's back" and "you can kill a bush with two birds" come out of my mouth constantly, with little to no effort on my part. Is there a name for this condition, possibly cliche' dyslexia??

So anyways, one evening not too long ago, I'm riding in the car with my hubby, talking about the fact that I still feel like I am muddling through a quarter-life crisis (you mean 26 doesn't bring immediate clarity?), and wondering what the heck to do with myself, when I blurt out that I feel like "a bird out of water!"...

At first, realizing my mistake, I was frustrated by yet another silly thing that had come out of my mouth unintentionally. But then it hit me....

Photo 10

It was perfect! That phrase sums up most of my days! I feel like a girl trying to learn how to use her sea legs on land...

so maybe I am just a bird out of water :)


  1. i love this post!

    i am an unintentional destroyer of movie quotes and jokes, so i can really relate to your cliche murdering.

    and i, too, was disappointed that 26 didn't bring me the immediate clarity i was expecting! nor did any year after that so far. but once i hit 30, i somehow felt better about all the unanswered questions and learned to love the not knowing a lot more.

    see you in class!

  2. thanks diane! and a big woo-hoo for being the first abirdoutofwater commenter!

    and what a relief to know that there is someone else out there with something similar to my "affliction" ;)

    thanks and see you in class!

  3. Hey Ashley! Soo excited someone else is just starting out too. See you in class!

  4. Hi Simone! good to know I'm not the only newbie! Thanks for checking me out and for the sweet comment! See you in Indie Class ;)

  5. HI Ashley!

    Let's be blog friends OK?! :)

  6. Hi MiniMak :) Sounds good! I believe I recognize you from Indie Biz?? I will check your blog out asap :)

    Thanks for following A.B.O.O.W !!!!

  7. Awesome story! That adds a lot to your name!