Thursday, April 29, 2010

Craft Room Redo!

A week and half ago I had the wild idea to switch my craft room and what was our master bedroom. Honestly I never thought my husband would go for, but he thought it was a great idea... just one of the many reasons I adore that boy :) So here it is...








It is still a bit in progress. As you know from my last post, I lost my main work table, so I am working on replacing that, and I definitely want to get a rug and maybe some type of seating.
Our whole house, when we bought it a few months ago, was painted a drab beige (that's right, the entire house!) and so we are getting rid of it room by room. This new beautiful turquoise color is so much more inviting and fun! (And compliments our new master bedroom color nicely, but more on that later...)
There must be something in the air because my mom is working on her workspace too, maybe a little bit of Spring cleaning energy or something? You can check out her room here.

Now that my craft room is in order (for the most part!) I am off to get some sewing done!
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday :)

~The Bird

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our "New" Kitchen Table

Before I post my craft room redo I wanted to show you what we did with my former work table...

daisies in the kitchen

We were moving it through our kitchen into the family room while emptying my craft room to paint, and on a whim tried putting it under this window and it filled the space perfectly!


I am absolutely in love with eating in our kitchen!
(Before we would eat all our meals in our dining room, which was great, but sometimes felt a little funny since there are only two of us!!)
This space before just felt odd and empty, and now it fills our kitchen up making it feel warm and inviting to me! Right now we just have two extra dining room chairs with it, but not for long! I have several ideas... possibly some chrome Bertoia chairs, anyone?


And this table is extra special to us because it belonged to John's Great Aunt Mary, one of the coolest people I have ever known! Mary spent every day in nylon knee highs and flip flops, was never without her travel cup of coffee, put over 200k miles on her '74 orange VW Beetle, and was a published author and teacher... like I said, one of the best.
We miss you Mary.

Thanks for taking a look, and I promise, craft room pics coming soon!

~The Bird

Thrifting Finds

Today I had some things to drop off at our local Goodwill, and of course I couldn't help but take a lap, and boy was I glad I did! Check out today's finds...

First we have this so-adorable-it-almost-hurts owl trivet set that just had to be mine for an easy $2.99!


And then I happened to see a bit of orange and yellow out of the corner of my eye and found these amazing juice glasses, and at a whopping $.39 each how could I walk away...
I love them!


It is so exciting to score big (even if it's on little things!) when you aren't expecting it! But I guess that usually when it happens, right? ;)

Stay tuned, hopefully later today I am going to post my craft room redo, it has kept us super busy this week! It's so exciting to have a functioning space again!

Hope everyone is well...
What have you been up to? Any good thrifting scores to share??

Love and Hugs,
The Bird

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Craft Room Inspiration

So I mentioned how on Sunday we suddenly decided to switch our master bedroom and my craft room, which so far in spite of creating quite a bit of work, has been a great idea! We are both sleeping way better as our new room is in the back of the house (darker, quieter, etc), plus our room is actually a bit smaller now, which we both really like. There is something about sleeping in a small space that works for me, its cozy! We repainted and purchased some new bedding. I will post some pics soon, promise!

But in addition to redoing our bedroom, I now have all the contents of my craft room in the family room, and my future craft room is empty, just waiting to be painted...
you see I am struggling with choosing paint. Today I brought four samples home, only to dislike all of them. Ugh.

So in the spirit of generating ideas I've scoured the web for some inspirational craft/sewing rooms!
Check 'em out!



DSC05376.JPG by treefall design.

My sewing room by Jennifer Ladd handmade.


my studio.... by .elsie*cake..

Sewing Room by chaletgirl13.


My sewing room by Jennifer Ladd handmade.


Hope you enjoyed these beautiful spaces! I'm off to bed, and then tomorrow it's time to paint!

The Bird

Monday, April 19, 2010

School's Out for Ever... *pout*

This weekend officially marked the end of Indie Biz 2.0 (pause for sad face and/or pouting). It was such an amazing experience! Not only did the three teachers, Jill from Lune, Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest, and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess, do an excellent job imparting their mad skills, but the other students were so amazing! It was like having your own personal cheerleading squad following you around! It was wonderful, so if you ever get a chance, take one of the classes these uber talented girls put on!

So in honor of the end I wanted to post some photos of my very own Indie Biz folder (where it all began...sigh) as well as list a few links to some of my class mates! Here's where the magic takes place...

Now let me say this is just a very small sampling of the many amazing blogs my fellow Indie Bizzers have started, (so many in fact I haven't had time to check them all out myself, but I am working on it!) But here's a few to get you started....

Urban Farm Designs

A Daily Obsession


the dew drop inn

Also check out this link here to HumbleB, where you can see a list of an awesome project started by some of my classmates called Blog It Forward with links to a TON more awesome blogs!!

A big thank you to all students and the three amazing teachers we all shared!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Loot...

This was a great weekend! Had some time with friends, some time with my folks, and the hubby and I even got some time together! Friday morning we headed out early to a few of our favorite thrifting hot spots, and check out these two beauties that came home with us! The sauce pan is SO adorable, and I just love that the yarn's color is labeled "Avocado"!

Despite already having a very busy (albeit very fun!) weekend, somehow this morning (Sunday!) we got a wild hair that we should switch our bedroom and my craft room/second bedroom! (More to come on that soon!) Needless to say we just finished our second coat of paint on the new bedroom and I am now off to bed in what will be the future craft room!

Although super busy, it was an awesome weekend! I hope you all had a good one too!
See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garage Sale Survivors

These are the only 3 things that came BACK into the house after our very successful garage sale on Saturday. Everything else was either sold or donated.

I had appropriately priced my orange Thermos so that selling it was unlikely... sneaky, I know! The beautiful chair has a mate that sits at our desk, so it didn't seem fair to split up a family, and the jar, well, I just like the colors! That is our little house in the background of the 2nd picture :)

Overall the day was huge success, and I am big believer in passing things that I am no longer using on to someone who may need or it, or who just simply may love it and use it more than me! Plus, it always feels so good to look around an empty clean garage/house!

Thanks to everyone for your super nice comments wishing us luck! :)

It's back to work for me to teach a few evening classes, but hopefully I can get home in enough time to work on some crafty projects! I would love to finish John's boardbag, and then I have several birthday presents in progress that need attention.... too many projects! It's hard to pick!!

Hope everyone has a great evening, and remember... tomorrow's "hump day"! Half way to the weekend baby! Woot-woot!

The Bird :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning

So tomorrow we are having one of these...
(Image Sources 1, 2, 3)

It's that time of year again to sort out the old and unused, and pass it along to someone else who may love it! Since we just bought our house in November, we had been saving a lot of just stuff from the move for "when we have a garage sale", and since the weather is finally warming up (but not too hot!) we figured it was the perfect time to bite the bullet and do it! A few of our neighbors even asked if they could get in on the action, so looks like it's gonna be a block party! Wish us luck in selling our loot! ;)

I'll try to post some pics of our day tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter & Fun with Chalkboard Paint

Happy Easter everyone!






Check out this awesome idea....



I found these images on, which led me to this site here, which was featuring Sydney artist Lisa Tilse who made these adorable chalkboard paint covered eggs! I think this is such a fun fresh take on the whole Easter egg tradition, and how cool to be able to write a little message to your little (or big!) egg hunters! This is definitely what I will be doing next year!

The weather here is gorgeous and after attending the early service this morning we went to the beach for a walk and now we're heading over to my aunt's house for some time with the fam! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and a great day :)

The Bird

(all images courtesy