Thursday, April 29, 2010

Craft Room Redo!

A week and half ago I had the wild idea to switch my craft room and what was our master bedroom. Honestly I never thought my husband would go for, but he thought it was a great idea... just one of the many reasons I adore that boy :) So here it is...








It is still a bit in progress. As you know from my last post, I lost my main work table, so I am working on replacing that, and I definitely want to get a rug and maybe some type of seating.
Our whole house, when we bought it a few months ago, was painted a drab beige (that's right, the entire house!) and so we are getting rid of it room by room. This new beautiful turquoise color is so much more inviting and fun! (And compliments our new master bedroom color nicely, but more on that later...)
There must be something in the air because my mom is working on her workspace too, maybe a little bit of Spring cleaning energy or something? You can check out her room here.

Now that my craft room is in order (for the most part!) I am off to get some sewing done!
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday :)

~The Bird


  1. Looks great! Love the color and your lamp! A nice fresh place to create in...I think I am a bit envious :)

  2. I love having a nice work area. Mine really needs some rearranging ... I am loving yours, it is very inspiring and colorful !

  3. thanks Lindsay!

    it has been so nice to have a space all organized and pretty! I have been sewing almost every night this week bc i just love being in there!

    thanks again for such lovely comments!