Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Garage Sale Survivors

These are the only 3 things that came BACK into the house after our very successful garage sale on Saturday. Everything else was either sold or donated.

I had appropriately priced my orange Thermos so that selling it was unlikely... sneaky, I know! The beautiful chair has a mate that sits at our desk, so it didn't seem fair to split up a family, and the jar, well, I just like the colors! That is our little house in the background of the 2nd picture :)

Overall the day was huge success, and I am big believer in passing things that I am no longer using on to someone who may need or it, or who just simply may love it and use it more than me! Plus, it always feels so good to look around an empty clean garage/house!

Thanks to everyone for your super nice comments wishing us luck! :)

It's back to work for me to teach a few evening classes, but hopefully I can get home in enough time to work on some crafty projects! I would love to finish John's boardbag, and then I have several birthday presents in progress that need attention.... too many projects! It's hard to pick!!

Hope everyone has a great evening, and remember... tomorrow's "hump day"! Half way to the weekend baby! Woot-woot!

The Bird :)


  1. Hi! we are indiebiz classmates!

    love that thermos and your blog! :)

  2. hi Heidi! Thanks for checking out the blog! I am so sad Indie Biz is over, it was amazing!