Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Cleaning

So tomorrow we are having one of these...
(Image Sources 1, 2, 3)

It's that time of year again to sort out the old and unused, and pass it along to someone else who may love it! Since we just bought our house in November, we had been saving a lot of just stuff from the move for "when we have a garage sale", and since the weather is finally warming up (but not too hot!) we figured it was the perfect time to bite the bullet and do it! A few of our neighbors even asked if they could get in on the action, so looks like it's gonna be a block party! Wish us luck in selling our loot! ;)

I'll try to post some pics of our day tomorrow! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


  1. Good luck! I was just checking the listings of estate sales near us to see if we should venture out. I love a good yard/garage/estate/tag/rummage sale!

  2. i used to love it when we would have a block party garage sale!

    at seven years old, i would set up a table out front and sell rocks from our driveway that had i had painted with rainbows.

    have fun tomorrow! :)

  3. I wish people in Poland made garage sales too... I'm sure I'd love them ;)
    A block party sounds so great! Have lots of fun! :D

  4. Thanks Aubrey! Yesterday went really well! i love garage sales/thrifting too! Thanks again :)

  5. Diane,

    Wow rainbow painted rocks sound awesome! I would pay top dollar today for of those babies!

    Thanks for the well wishes, yesterday was fun and successful! :)

  6. Kasia,

    Thanks for the well wishes! I wish you guys had garage sales in Poland too! :)