Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thrifting Finds

Today I had some things to drop off at our local Goodwill, and of course I couldn't help but take a lap, and boy was I glad I did! Check out today's finds...

First we have this so-adorable-it-almost-hurts owl trivet set that just had to be mine for an easy $2.99!


And then I happened to see a bit of orange and yellow out of the corner of my eye and found these amazing juice glasses, and at a whopping $.39 each how could I walk away...
I love them!


It is so exciting to score big (even if it's on little things!) when you aren't expecting it! But I guess that usually when it happens, right? ;)

Stay tuned, hopefully later today I am going to post my craft room redo, it has kept us super busy this week! It's so exciting to have a functioning space again!

Hope everyone is well...
What have you been up to? Any good thrifting scores to share??

Love and Hugs,
The Bird


  1. Awesome scores! I LOVE the owls!!!! Are you going to use them as actual trivets or incorporate them into your decor somewhere? I would want them out all the time! :)

  2. Aubrey~

    Thanks! I am so undecided. Part of me wants to hang them up, esp. in my kitchen, but then it would also be cool to whip them out and actually use them at little dinner parties and holidays, so I don't know yet!