Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ideas, Dreams, and Wishes...

Above is my journal/idea book. I love gathering supplies and making little mini inspiration boards on the pages almost as much as I love getting through to the final product! Today on that blank page above I am going to work on jotting down some goals for the upcoming week, as well as the next couple of months, and maybe sketch and plan a few items. (I know, I know, nerd alert, right?) But seriously, getting the thought down on paper helps me so much! What about you guys, do you ever sketch out ideas? What about writing down goals?

Be Back Soon :)
~the bird


  1. yes i do!

    i have a blog idea notebook and a stuff-to-make sketchbook.

    in agreement with you...i have as much fun drawing/creating in the books as i do making the stuff!

    and i love to go back later and look through the creative journey.

    have fun today! <3

  2. Your journal is really cute! I love, love, love lists. Really. I make little lists all the time. And I am a crazy planner. I have a big calendar on my desk at work and I map out the whole year, then month, then week for lessons. And then I do my lesson plans on top of that. Between my scary filled calendar and all the lists on my desk, subs probably think I am a whacko. I am ok with that though.

  3. I have many books alike! Yours is SO pretty!