Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Crafting Frenzy

So, I have been trying to make gifts for people more and more, and Mother's Day was no exception. I wasn't around much last week in bloggerville because of some serious "sweat shop" style crafting, as I like to call it, in order to get these babies done....

I made check book covers for my mom, my mother-in-law, my favorite aunt and my cousin's wife, four fabulous women and mothers. You'll notice there are five, you see my four legged furry child, Sydney, needed a present for mommy, so I kept one too! ;)

I hope everyone liked their gifts!

I'll be honest, I'm not 100% comfortable with giving only a handmade gift yet, sometimes supplementing with a small store bought item as well. I think maybe this stems from lack of confidence in my work. Anyone else deal with this? Is it appropriate to give handmade items exclusively? I think it is, but I would love to hear other people's opinions!

Thanks for taking a look and I'll be back soon :)
~the Bird


  1. Gorgeous! I love how well the flowers compliment the fabrics. It was a must to keep one for yourself!!
    I am getting better about homemade gifts, but I have been almost apologetic in the past while people are opening them. One year I didn't wrap the few handmade things I gave and just gave them as informal extras. I am getting better though. Your checkbook covers are fabulous--you so should feel awesome giving those as gifts!

  2. these are absolutely awesome.

    i have looked at them three times!

    as far as what you said about giving handmade gifts, i can relate and have done that before too. although i am pushing myself to stop that and just let myself and the things i create be enough!

    i mean, anyone can go out and buy something to give as a gift. but those beautiful covers you made are soooo lovely and totally unique from you! i would much rather have that than a store gift any day. <3

  3. I love mine! You're such a clever girl!

  4. just put a coffee giftcard in there too. but a hnadmade gift is plenty! these are so cute!!!

  5. Thank you all so much, you are all so nice!! You made me blush :P

    I feel so fortunate to have met so many wonderful folks out there through blogging, thank you again for all the nice words and for sharing your opinions!


  6. Those are fabulous!! I always carry my checkbook just in case and I would love to carry it in one of those fabulous little guys!