Saturday, May 22, 2010

An Unexpected Turn of Events and Book*Love

This week went nothing like I had anticipated, but really, what week does I guess.  John has already been gone for 7 days and doesn't come home till early Monday morning. I thought this week of flying solo would be nothing short of a Craft-A-Palooza, with some serious blogging mixed in, but alas that was not the case.  
If you remember last week I posted about having my freckle removed, and the "precautionary" antibiotic they put me on gave me a horrible allergic reaction that landed me on my folks couch in a Benedryl haze... and while the allergic reaction subsided by Monday night, it seemed like the Benedryl hangover lasted until Wednesday and I didn't get my mojo back until Thursday evening. 

While the blog and craft aspirations I had for this week didn't get done, it wasn't a total loss.  In addition to being slammed at work (which equals cash for impending trip!), I got some quality time in with the fam and some friends, who were all nice enough to feed me several times throughout the week.  But maybe my favorite part of this week was starting to read this...

The Lost Girls hits all my requirements for a "can't put it down, my eyes are sore from reading all weekend" type of book. The story chronicles three twenty-something girls as they ditch their fast paced NYC lives to travel the world for a year.  As someone who has put my all consuming desire to get outta dodge and see the world on hold for far too long, this book feels like a wanderlust inducing drug!  
My husband might come home to all our stuff packed up and a for sale sign in the yard.... John you better hurry home ;)



  1. Is it any good?

    I'm Karlie. btw!

  2. hi Karlie! the book is awesome, but be warned, it will make you want to sell off all your belongings and go globe trotting!!! :)