Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We Had A Little Visitor In Our Garden

Or maybe I should say under our garden, as we have a container garden that is nearly 3 feet off the ground! Check out this little guy that hung out in the shade of our planter box for awhile last Thursday!

I think turtles are good luck, aren't they? I'm gonna say they are... ;)

In our garden we are growing purple pole beans (secretly, I have no actual idea what purple pole beans taste like, so here's hoping they are good! If anyone has any de-lish recipes they want to share, that would be most appreciated!), zucchini squash, bell peppers, a summer blend of lettuces, and swiss chard!

I will have to post more recent pictures, because everything has just shot up over the past week! It is so neat how you plant this teeny-tiny little seed in some dirt, give it sunlight and water, and presto, you can grow food!!

Later tonight will post some pics of my Mother's Day gifts, they were a hit, thank goodness ;)



  1. Did you name him/her? When I was little my grandfather (who was all about animals) caught a turtle in our backyard and brought him in to my kindergarten class. It was Myrtle the Turtle. haha

    Our neighbor gave us pole bean seeds, but we (I really mean my husband-this is his dept) have not planted a single thing yet. Your garden looks great!

  2. Oh my gosh, that's too funny, because John's grandmother was named Myrtle, and her whole life everyone called her Myrtle the Turtle :)

    Thanks for the nice comments about the garden! Everything is taking off, but let's hope it produces edible things!!!