Saturday, July 31, 2010

some QT in the craftroom

today it was unpleasantly hot outside, so i decided to stay in the ac and got down to business in the ol' craft room...

i even had some company :)
hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! 

~the bird

Friday, July 30, 2010

ever since i saw this delicious room in this month's issue of foam magazine, i have been lusting after some warm golden yellow walls...

in addition to being the warmest, loveliest orangey-yellow color, that vintage enamel collection is seriously swoon worthy! umm, yes please.

isn't she just the cutest with her guitar and headbands?

yellow + turquoise + cupcakes = a whole lot of yum.

i would cook three meals a day in this warm and cozy kitchen!

we have yet to paint our back family room, and since it is on my 26 before 27 list, i think i may have some pumpkin-ish walls very soon.... 

i hope everyone is having a fantastic friday night.  we just ate some ri-dic-u-lous veggie burgers with cinnamon sweet potato fries, and after a quick beach bike ride we're gonna watch whip it! 

woot-woot for a friday nite at home ;)

the bird

daisies in my hair

take a peek and what i've been up to...

a little hippy feeling, these string of daisies headbands are my new favorite accessories!

some green polka dots and just a sprinkling of daisies

this third one is probably my fave, worn two ways.

me and jb goofing off with photobooth ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

thrifting adventures

yesterday afternoon my mom and i went on a little thrifting adventure to one of my favorite places, our old stuff.  here are a few of the things that caught my eye...

i think i may need a little collection of these cuties.
this would be perfect for our dining room.  i can totally see it filled with cathrine holm goodies.
we might be going back for him, and his twin brother...

it was a great afternoon, even though i came home empty handed!
the bird xo

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Retro Beauty School

I signed up for elsie*cakes Retro Beauty School E-course today! I can't wait to read all the fun lessons and get inspired for a little makeover, Betty Draper style! (speaking of which, I think I might be the only person alive not actually watching Mad Men yet, but I plan on jumping on the bandwagon soon, very soon!)

Today was a great day, just went by way too fast! This morning was spent dreaming and brainstorming, and then I went all sweat shop style making some headbands this afternoon (I'll post some pics soon) before heading out to my folks for QT.  
Overall, a very relaxing Sunday indeed.  

Hope you all had a great weekend!
the bird

26 before 27

so, seeing how my 27th birthday is only 2 months and some change away, i am a bit late to get this started, but i figure better late than never, right? this little idea is from the ever inspiring elsie*cake over at a beautiful mess. some of my goals may seem a bit lofty, while others are probably just plain silly (like #3), but nonetheless, it's my list. 

26 Before 27

  1. take my first solo trip
  2. visit a Renegade Craft fair (kinda goes with #1, planning on going to Chicago in Sept.) 
  3. ride a horse
  4. go on a picnic
  5. sell at least one handmade item
  6. open an etsy store for a bird out of water
  7. give my little blog here a makeover
  8. pierce my nose (pretty sure i just heard my father groan.)
  9. take my nephew and nieces to the beach
  10. go camping (even if it's just in the backyard)
  11. take the 'home ec' course 
  12. bake a batch of my vegan pumpkin cookies
  13. rework my vegetable garden and plant for the fall
  14. visit mary's farm again
  15. hit 100 blog posts
  16. rearrange our furniture a bit
  17. paint our back family room
  18. call and catch up with tara
  19. have a big housewarming party
  20. family ladies nite
  21. build a fort
  22. crafting party 
  23. paint something with chalkboard paint
  24. go thrifting in orlando
  25. write someone a letter (you know, like, on paper & with a pen)
  26. watch a sunrise.
it's a full list, i know, but hey, the next two months will be very interesting! 

ok, ready, set, GO! 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

St. Auggie Inspiration

today jb and i trekked about an hour north to st. augustine, our nation's oldest city, for a little day trip. it was so much fun and i came home super inspired!  

we started off at one of our oldest and favorite haunts, the surf-station, home to one of the best collections of surfboards on the east coast. this store was converted from a gas station in the 70's.

 then we had to get some nalu's fish tacos for lunch, yum!

i always want to hit up this rad store, the closet, in downtown st. auggie.  the store consists of vintage finds as well as tons of handmade goods from locals, many of who are students of flagler college.

check out what came home with me...
the first piece is like a house dress with a zipper down the front and while it needs some serious hemming, it will be so cozy in the winter.  the purple dress is a cute cut, and looks like it has already been slightly altered, but I am going to take up the hem a bit more to hit above the knee. also, i want to add a button to the front of the little crochet vest! all the closet's vintage goods were 40% off, so i got these two amazing scarves, plus one more for $3 each! score!
and since it was so hot, we ended our afternoon with a little bit of gelato!

it was such a fun day, and a much needed inspiration boost! 

hope everyone is having a great weekend!

the bird

ModCloth Lusting...

An ode to the many ways I could blow my entire paycheck this week at ModCloth....

For my closet...

My love affair with coats is so silly seeing how I live in FL!

A Coat Fit for a Queen

 again kinda hot here still for fall clothes, but it's hard not to get excited about such cute things!
Sweetest Wrist Warmers Ever
Be Wise, Be Warm Scarf

perhaps a bit more appropriate for FL this time of year is this cute little tee.
The Botanist Top

and this adorable sailor inspired romper
 Sea Level Romper

summer sandals
Down by the Banks Sandal

a few fun accessories

The Antique Mall Necklace
Back in the Saddle Bag

State Flower Ring

and maybe a few things for the home...

Owl Over the Sky Wall Art
Visitors Log Doormat
All Up in My Mini Grill

today we are off to st. auggie for some surfboard browsing here, a little Nalu's for lunch, and some thrift store stops on our way home! yea!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Dessert for Dinner

one of the beauties of adulthood... if blueberry and cake batter froyo is what i desire for dinner, froyo i shall have ;) last night we just weren't super hungry after having a late lunch, so we decided to be a bit naughty and just skip dinner and go right to dessert!


we had a fun evening at The Pavilion eating our froyo by the fountain!