Sunday, July 25, 2010

26 before 27

so, seeing how my 27th birthday is only 2 months and some change away, i am a bit late to get this started, but i figure better late than never, right? this little idea is from the ever inspiring elsie*cake over at a beautiful mess. some of my goals may seem a bit lofty, while others are probably just plain silly (like #3), but nonetheless, it's my list. 

26 Before 27

  1. take my first solo trip
  2. visit a Renegade Craft fair (kinda goes with #1, planning on going to Chicago in Sept.) 
  3. ride a horse
  4. go on a picnic
  5. sell at least one handmade item
  6. open an etsy store for a bird out of water
  7. give my little blog here a makeover
  8. pierce my nose (pretty sure i just heard my father groan.)
  9. take my nephew and nieces to the beach
  10. go camping (even if it's just in the backyard)
  11. take the 'home ec' course 
  12. bake a batch of my vegan pumpkin cookies
  13. rework my vegetable garden and plant for the fall
  14. visit mary's farm again
  15. hit 100 blog posts
  16. rearrange our furniture a bit
  17. paint our back family room
  18. call and catch up with tara
  19. have a big housewarming party
  20. family ladies nite
  21. build a fort
  22. crafting party 
  23. paint something with chalkboard paint
  24. go thrifting in orlando
  25. write someone a letter (you know, like, on paper & with a pen)
  26. watch a sunrise.
it's a full list, i know, but hey, the next two months will be very interesting! 

ok, ready, set, GO! 

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  1. I love that you put manageable things on your list! I went nuts and made mine totally ridiculous. I may have to extend my deadline...hehe And yay for Chicago Renegade!