Friday, July 30, 2010

ever since i saw this delicious room in this month's issue of foam magazine, i have been lusting after some warm golden yellow walls...

in addition to being the warmest, loveliest orangey-yellow color, that vintage enamel collection is seriously swoon worthy! umm, yes please.

isn't she just the cutest with her guitar and headbands?

yellow + turquoise + cupcakes = a whole lot of yum.

i would cook three meals a day in this warm and cozy kitchen!

we have yet to paint our back family room, and since it is on my 26 before 27 list, i think i may have some pumpkin-ish walls very soon.... 

i hope everyone is having a fantastic friday night.  we just ate some ri-dic-u-lous veggie burgers with cinnamon sweet potato fries, and after a quick beach bike ride we're gonna watch whip it! 

woot-woot for a friday nite at home ;)

the bird

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