Thursday, July 15, 2010

How I'll Be Spending My Afternoon

Look what was waiting for me in my mailbox this afternoon...
FOAM is my absolute favorite magazine. It's title is an acronym for Fasion. Ocean. Art. Music. That's just about everything this girl needs! Take a peek at a few of my fav shots from this months issue...
(warning: spoiler below if your waiting for yours to come in the mail!)

Belinda Baggs and Crystal Thornburg, two of my heros, camping on Cali's Central Coast.

Crystal and Belinda, showing us how its done. I dream of surfing like Crystal in that pic. right


A peek inside Nike 6.0 designer Jenna Wilson's home. I'm totally crushing on those warm yellow walls.

I loved this awesome editorial spread, photographed by the lovely Kassia Meador.

It's kind of a rainy afternoon here, perfect for curling up with a cup of tea and my mag!

Also, I just wanted to thank everyone for such lovely comments on the blog award post! You all made my day! Blog friends are the best, I love you guys!!! Thanks again :)

the bird

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