Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ready For Nighty-Night....


image: weheartit
Tonight I went to a yoga workshop designed to help you fall asleep with more ease.  It was all Restorative Yoga, which is basically putting yourself in different positions, or poses, and usually using some type of block or bolster.  Then you just stay put and breath, and just relax the body and the mind into the position for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.  To say it was amazing was an understatement.  
This is one mellow little bird, so with that, I'm off to bed. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Renegade Chicago, Here I Come!

Just two short weeks from today, I'll be at a Renegade Craft Fair! I kind of can't believe it!! 
 It occurred to me today that while I don't want a rigorous or stringent schedule while I'm in Chicago, I need to be doing a bit of homework/planning for my 3 day adventure.  I definitely want to hit up a cupcake shop one day while I'm there (or possibly all 3...), get some Chicago-style pizza, and would love to scour some great vintage shops if anyone has any suggestions. In fact, I would love any and all suggestions if you have any loves or 'must sees' in the Chicago area!
Sadly, I will miss the Jenny & Johnny show on Sunday night in Chicago. (*pout*) I have to be back on Monday morning at my day job, but next time!
I hope everyone had a delightful Saturday, we sure did! Everything from the boy making me breakfast to Avatar in 3D (I missed it the first time around) to dinner at our fav local mexican joint.  Doesn't get much better!

the bird xo

Thursday, August 26, 2010

nothing like a new do'

 Yea for new bangs! I love em'! :)

the bird xo

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

shimmy-shimmy bang-bang??

Tomorrow I have a long overdue hair appt. Yea!
 I am not quite sure what I want to do though, and sometimes that can be dangerous... Last year around this time I took the plunge and dyed my hair for the first time ever (red) but after the second dye session turned my hair a color I lovingly refered to as "bozo", I let all the dye fade out and now I am almost back to my original color. (which is really blonde, like you can't tell I have eyelashes without mascara blonde!

I am thinking of cutting my bangs again, which have all but practically grown out, so in an attempt to organize my thoughts, here's a few inspiration pics.

Maybe I should go with blunt and really full...



Or maybe super short and pixie like...

Self Portrait

Ah, perfection.

Wish me luck, I'm a bit nervous, but Fall is right around around the corner, (even if it doesn't quite feel like it here yet) and it's time to mix it up a bit! I'll post some pics tomorrow night of how things turn out.

the bird

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Time To Get To It!


So, I am going to call myself out for being lame and admit that I have not done one single project yet from Home Ec!  Ashley, that just will not do! So tomorrow afternoon I am penciling in some uninterrupted time to get crackin' in my sewing room.  This is just unaccapetable! ;)

However, I will say that even just reading through the projects has been an absolute delight and I am super stoked to get to all the projects, one by one!
Hope everyone had a great weekend and survived their Monday!

the bird

Sunday, August 22, 2010

And the Winner is...

Yea! Aubrey from A Daily Obsession is the first ever A Bird Out of Water giveaway winner! Aubrey, I will be sending you an email shortly to get your mailing info.

Let me say a big, giant THANK YOU to all the lovelies that entered, your comments were so sweet and totally got me excited for Fall! Thanks again!
the bird xo

Saturday, August 21, 2010

This Bird's First Widget!

Take a peek to the left and you will notice A Bird Out of Water's very first widget! If you like the Birdie Polariod and want to show some love, then go ahead and grab it! 
Thanks for the support!!
the bird :)

ps. don't forget there's still time to enter the handmade headbands giveaway! click here to enter before 11:59pm tonight!

Friday, August 20, 2010

4 Simple Goals, Elsie*cake Style

Over at A Beautiful Mess, the ever-inspiring Elsie Flannigan has started a project for herself, as well as any other bloggers interested, in setting 4 simple goals to work towards till the end of the year.  The only perimeters were that the goals were to be simple, personal, and activity oriented as opposed to result oriented (e.g activity oriented="eating more fruits and veggies on the regular" vs. result oriented="i must lose 10lbs") Bloggers are encouraged to leave a comment here with their goals, and of course to blog about the project and their progress, so here goes....

1. Make more time for surfing.  There was a time when I was practically a daily surfer, but lately (like for the past 2 years or more!) I just seem to let other things get in the way, but it's never lack of desire to be out there. Sometimes it is silly things, like I feel like I should be doing something else, or occasionally I just feel too physically tired from work, but no more!  Look out Ponce cronies, here I come.
 2. Cook good food/meals, even when I'm solo. I actually enjoy cooking and making yummy and usually healthy meals, but when JB got his firefighting job and started work 24 hour shifts every third day, cooking  and meal planning became a bit more challenging. When he was working all that overtime last year, it basically went out the window! But again I say no more. Just because I am flying solo does not mean I can't take care of myself, and make yummy and healthy meals.
3. Call my friends more, just because.  I'll admit, I am not the best on the phone.  It can be filled with awkward pauses and false starts, and I just wind up all nervous and sweaty, worried that I am going to interrupt or talk over someone, or heaven help me if there's an extended pause. And then with the invention of o-so-easy text message, I practically never pick up the phone "just because". But truth be told, "lol" is no substitution for actually hearing one of your favorite people bust out in a belly laugh. So I am going to set my phone phobia aside, and give my peeps a call.
4. Continue to blog regularly.  Blogging is a funny thing, and at times I have questioned why I do it at all. But sometimes for me, it can seem like my creative energy is all over the place and too hard to reign in to do anything productive with, but blogging regularly seems to help me take those ideas and bring them together into something more cohesive and effective. And the people I have "met" along the way have enriched my life with their positivity and support in a way that a skeptic like myself could have never imagined, so thanks and love to all my blogging buddies! :)

If you'd like to join in on the '4 Simple Goals' project, check out the full scoop at A Beautiful Mess, and then go make some goals! ;)

~the bird

ps. Don't forget, you've still got time to enter the giveaway!! Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm tomorrow night, and a winner will be announced Sunday. Click here and enter!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Current Obsession: Florence and the Machine

I'm having a full on infatuation with this girl. From her epic voice and addicting songs, to her super sparkly outfits, I'm a bit obsessed. Not only that, but she is totally making me miss my red hair.  Maybe it's time for a little Autumn makeover, Florence style.


Here's a sampling of some of my favorite songs.

favorite line: 
I wish that I could just be brave, 
I must become a lion hearted girl
Ready for a fight

Here's to being the lion hearted girl!
Enjoy! xo
~the bird 
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Monday, August 16, 2010


in honor of my 50th post, i am giving away a set of handmade headbands!
the winner will receive 2 headbands, one floral, one satin ribbon, both lavender and both super fun to wear!
both can be worn mulitple ways...

To Enter to Win:
1. leaving a comment on this post sharing what you are most looking forward to about Fall. be sure to leave a way to contact you in the comment!
2. tweeting about the giveaway to @abirdoutofwater
3. blogging about the giveaway and leaving a link to it in the comment section this post!
*all comments, tweets, and blog posts count as one entry!*

you must enter by 11:59pm saturday night august 21st, the winner will be announced sunday august 22nd!!!!

woot-woot for 50 posts! 

the bird

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's Call this 49 1/2....

first just let me say...hip-hip-hooray for 50 posts!!
ok, so now thats out of the way, i can't believe its been a week since my last posting, but i have a good reason!  you see, last weekend, i was having dinner with my good friend mary, who owns her very own local organic farm called the green flamingo (how cool, right?!) and i brought her a few handbands that i have been making.  she was super stoked on them, and then suggested that i make a stock pile and join her this saturday (yesterday) at one of the local farmers' markets.  so needless to say, i was a busy, busy bird this week getting ready!

this was my first ever market of any kind and i am so excited to cross #5, selling at least one of my handmade items, off the list
here's a few in action...

and here's a few pics of mary's goods too!

 i was able to sell a few headbands, and got to spend my saturday morning with one of my closest friends, so all in all, i would call it a success! and since i have been rather distracted, my giveaway post will have to wait until tomorrow, so because of that, lets just call this 49 1/2! ;)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Class Starts Tomorrow!

class officially starts tomorrow! i'm all signed up and ready to go! Yipee!

and tomorrow should bring news of a giveaway around these parts, so check back in! 
i'm off to clean the kitchen up a bit and then spend the rest of my evening sewing!

goodnight loves,
the bird xo

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Renegade Chicago!

i am sooo excited, today i bought my tickets for chicago! woot-woot!

and not only is it going to be extremely awesome to venture to a brand new city and see all the amazing vendors at the renegade craft fair, but since i wil be attending the fair in chicago, i am also gonna be able to stop in and visit the actual renegade handmade brick and mortar shop! 
double woot-woot!!

it is going to be so much fun! and it is just a little more than a month away!
in other news, i am just a few posts away from hitting my 50th post, so i am thinking a little give away may be in order!!! stay tuned for details!

hope everybody had a good weekend, 
i just cannot believe it is sunday evening already! how did that happen?! ;)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Check #26 Off the List!

this morning i got up before the sun to check off #26 of my 26 before 27 list.

26. watch a sunrise.

being up that early, walking alone down to the shore and plopping down in the sand and watching the sun come with just a few other people around made me realize/remember how incredibly fortunate i am, to live where we live so close to the sea, and to be surrounded by people i love.  #26 was definitely a good one.

(please excuse my iphone photos, i couldn't find my other camera this morning!)  

today is going to be filled with some marathon sewing, perhaps taking a stab at #12 on my 26 before 27 list, and then off to a pool party (if the weather permits) later tonight with some good friends.  yea for saturdays! 

have a great day everyone! i'll be back soon with some exciting news and perhaps a little survey... 

love you all~
the bird xo 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Lovely.

i've seen this now twice, first posted on life is a canvas, and then again on urban farm designs, both lovely blogs from lovely girls.  i think i loved this video even more the second time, from it's beautiful message, to the artistic approach it takes in sharing the poem.

the lesson of being okay with being alone is one that rings very true for me, especially over that past two years. my husband is a firefighter {i know, pause to swoon, right? ;) } so that means his schedule is 24 hours on, 48 off. if he works overtime, that means 48 hours away. in a row.  
we went through a period where he was working a lot of OT, sometimes being away five out of seven nights, which was great for the ol' pocketbook (which is basically the reason we were able to buy our first home, so thank you jb) but resulted in the most alone time i've ever had in my life. i had to get comfortable with being by myself real quick. 
 for me, this video and this poem perfectly describes that process.  
again i say, i loved it! 

thanks for reading~
the bird xo

Adventures in Thrifting

this weekend was filled with thrifting! and not only that, but i can officially cross off # 24 of my 26 before 27 list! 

24. go thrifting in Orlando 

here are some of our fav scores from this past weekend...

starting off the weekend right at our favorite local place, our old stuff, we walked away with this awesome blue reeded glass vase
this little blue daisy just had to be mine.
i've had my eye on this baby for quite some time.

and finally from friday's outing was this a-ma-zing little cart! we've got big plans for this little guy, big plans!

on saturday, i hit up my first ever estate sale and walked away with a three tiered hanging basket.  i've been looking for one forever! pics of that will come later, it needs a little love.
then on sunday jb and i took a little field trip to orlando!
 we started out at 1618 something different, an awesome vintage furniture store on the outskirts of downtown.  their selection is off the charts, but their prices are a bit out of our range. then we headed over to a smaller store called deja vu and scored! check it out...

this bird necklace was by far my standout purchase of the weekend.  so in love!
and this blue box came home with us for obvious reasons....
i'm a sucker for anything with a bird on it!

overall, it was an awesome weekend! hope you had some adventures of your own this past week!

love you~
the bird