Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Adventures in Thrifting

this weekend was filled with thrifting! and not only that, but i can officially cross off # 24 of my 26 before 27 list! 

24. go thrifting in Orlando 

here are some of our fav scores from this past weekend...

starting off the weekend right at our favorite local place, our old stuff, we walked away with this awesome blue reeded glass vase
this little blue daisy just had to be mine.
i've had my eye on this baby for quite some time.

and finally from friday's outing was this a-ma-zing little cart! we've got big plans for this little guy, big plans!

on saturday, i hit up my first ever estate sale and walked away with a three tiered hanging basket.  i've been looking for one forever! pics of that will come later, it needs a little love.
then on sunday jb and i took a little field trip to orlando!
 we started out at 1618 something different, an awesome vintage furniture store on the outskirts of downtown.  their selection is off the charts, but their prices are a bit out of our range. then we headed over to a smaller store called deja vu and scored! check it out...

this bird necklace was by far my standout purchase of the weekend.  so in love!
and this blue box came home with us for obvious reasons....
i'm a sucker for anything with a bird on it!

overall, it was an awesome weekend! hope you had some adventures of your own this past week!

love you~
the bird

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  1. Great finds! I love the bird necklace! I love estate sales. I haven't been all summer because of Lee's work schedule and taking the kiddo by myself (waaay too much stuff to touch), but hopefully we will start going again in the fall.