Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Lovely.

i've seen this now twice, first posted on life is a canvas, and then again on urban farm designs, both lovely blogs from lovely girls.  i think i loved this video even more the second time, from it's beautiful message, to the artistic approach it takes in sharing the poem.

the lesson of being okay with being alone is one that rings very true for me, especially over that past two years. my husband is a firefighter {i know, pause to swoon, right? ;) } so that means his schedule is 24 hours on, 48 off. if he works overtime, that means 48 hours away. in a row.  
we went through a period where he was working a lot of OT, sometimes being away five out of seven nights, which was great for the ol' pocketbook (which is basically the reason we were able to buy our first home, so thank you jb) but resulted in the most alone time i've ever had in my life. i had to get comfortable with being by myself real quick. 
 for me, this video and this poem perfectly describes that process.  
again i say, i loved it! 

thanks for reading~
the bird xo

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