Thursday, August 26, 2010

nothing like a new do'

 Yea for new bangs! I love em'! :)

the bird xo


  1. very very pretty. they make you look so polished and pretty!

  2. they look great on you! i love my bangs but they need a little trim so i don't have to brush them to the side... love all the inspiration you shared in your earlier post epically the first two and of course drew berrymore, she is such a cutey!


  3. Your bangs look great! I love how easy it is to change things up with hair! I got the headbands!!! Thanks so much--I love them! I think Kaylee and I will both be wearing one to a bridal shower today (Kaylee has a HUGE baby head!). The stickers are so great on your packaging too! What a happy thing to find in my mailbox! xoxo

  4. thanks so much everybody! you guys are the sweetest bunch ever! and aubrey, I'm so glad your headbands arrived and please, please take a picture of you and Kaylee if you guys do wear them and match, SO CUTE!!! :)