Saturday, August 28, 2010

Renegade Chicago, Here I Come!

Just two short weeks from today, I'll be at a Renegade Craft Fair! I kind of can't believe it!! 
 It occurred to me today that while I don't want a rigorous or stringent schedule while I'm in Chicago, I need to be doing a bit of homework/planning for my 3 day adventure.  I definitely want to hit up a cupcake shop one day while I'm there (or possibly all 3...), get some Chicago-style pizza, and would love to scour some great vintage shops if anyone has any suggestions. In fact, I would love any and all suggestions if you have any loves or 'must sees' in the Chicago area!
Sadly, I will miss the Jenny & Johnny show on Sunday night in Chicago. (*pout*) I have to be back on Monday morning at my day job, but next time!
I hope everyone had a delightful Saturday, we sure did! Everything from the boy making me breakfast to Avatar in 3D (I missed it the first time around) to dinner at our fav local mexican joint.  Doesn't get much better!

the bird xo


  1. I'll be visiting Renegade on Sunday with my craft group--woohoo! My favorite place for deep dish pizza is Lou Malnati's, although ever Chicagoan has their own preference between Lou's (yum), Gino's (not bad), Uno/Due (blech), or Giordano's (meh).

    Other restaurants in/near the Wicker Park area that are good are Milk and Honey Cafe, Lula Cafe in Logan Square, and Bongo Room, all great for breakfast/brunch.

    Some shops in WP: Habit (clothes from emerging designers), Sprout (awesome home goods), Asrai Garden (flower and gift shop), The White Attic (vintage housewares). And I've never been to any vintage clothing stores in the WP area, but some friends like Silver Moon, Vintage Underground, and Store B.

    What area of the city are you staying in? I might have other recommendations if you're staying outside the Wicker Park area :)

    As for cupcakes, my personal fav is Bleeding Heart Bakery. Haven't heard great things about Swirlz, but Molly's, Phoebe's and Sweet Mandy B's seem to be liked by many. Sprinkles is new; I haven't heard anything about it.

    Ok, that was probably way too much info! :)

  2. Caiti~ Thank you, thank you, thank you! All such awesome info! And I'm sooo excited you will be there on Sunday, maybe we can try to meet up. A client of mine had suggested Giordano's, so it's good to know a better alternative. I am staying in downtown area, I think... I need to double check on the map, but I know I'm about 4 miles outside of WP. Ok, thanks again and hopefully see you soon!!!

  3. You're very welcome! I'd love to meet up! I'm meeting with my group at 11:00 am, but before that or sometime in the afternoon I'd be free! Yay!

    Regarding pizza -- My only complaint about Giordano's is that it has too much cheese (like an inch plus) in proportion to crust and tomato sauce. I like Lou's pie the best overall and it's got a delicious buttery crust. Gino's has a great crust too; it's got a cornmeal flavor. Uno/Due is just gross to me :) I'm not obsessed with pizza, I promise; my friends and I once did a Chicago pizza tour as part of our weekly dinner meetup, so I've become quite opinionated :)

    If you want non-deep dish, there's also Crust in Wicker Park, which was Chicago's first certified organic restaurant and does brick oven pizzas with unique toppings.

  4. oh have fun!chicago is such a beautiful city! i have only been there once so i have to suggestions. oh and have fun at the renegade craft fair! i missed the sf again this year :(


  5. I loved taking the boat tour. It didn't take long and I appreciated the city so much more.