Sunday, August 8, 2010

Renegade Chicago!

i am sooo excited, today i bought my tickets for chicago! woot-woot!

and not only is it going to be extremely awesome to venture to a brand new city and see all the amazing vendors at the renegade craft fair, but since i wil be attending the fair in chicago, i am also gonna be able to stop in and visit the actual renegade handmade brick and mortar shop! 
double woot-woot!!

it is going to be so much fun! and it is just a little more than a month away!
in other news, i am just a few posts away from hitting my 50th post, so i am thinking a little give away may be in order!!! stay tuned for details!

hope everybody had a good weekend, 
i just cannot believe it is sunday evening already! how did that happen?! ;)


  1. chicago + renegade + renegade shop?!?

    what a fantastic trip you are going to have.

    double double woot woot!

  2. So glad you are going! We should meet up. I just put in for my days off! So excited :)