Saturday, September 18, 2010

Renegade Revelations...

Last weekend I checked two things off my list when I traveled *solo* to visit the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago.  It was an amazing weekend, albeit maybe a bit too short, that was filled with enlightening revelations! For instance...

 I love Chicago...

 and I seriously LOVED Renegade!

 I got to meet Elsie and Katie, both of whom were lovely!

and I got to meet an Indie Biz friend, Aubrey, from A Daily Obsession. And a big congrats to her and her hubby, they found out the day after Renegade that they are having a boy!  

 Not only do I love cupcakes,
 This mini one from the Milk & Honey Cafe was to die for!
  but I also seriously fancy a macaroon!
I can totally travel solo.  In fact, I kinda loved it...

 I rode the ferris wheel by myself..

and even braved SkyDeck alone! (those are my feet, 103 stories off the ground!)

 but 3 months of solo travel may be a bit too much. 
 You see, this trip was practice, a trial run of sorts, for my potential 3 month mini round-the-world adventure that I had been dreaming of/planning.  It was actually my parents that first suggested I needed to take some type of small solo trip first, perhaps within the states, and the Renegade Fair seemed the perfect short trip to cut my teeth on. 

 I loved every minute of my Chicago trip, but boy were my folks right on the money!  Even in just the short span of my weekend trip, I learned a few things about myself, and definitely felt my horizons being broadened! From riding the ferris wheel alone, to going up the 103 floors of the Willis (Sears) Tower and walking out onto one of the glass decks looking directly below, I could sense my courage increasing.  This is why I think solo travel is so important, at least for me, to grow that ever elusive sense of self that so many of us seem to be searching for.  I could move at my own pace, and just simply find my own pace for that matter.

But by the end of Saturday night, I missed my husband, and while I feel it is super important and healthy for me and JB to always be strong individuals, I fear that 3 months apart would be too much, for many reasons! This small trip has given me the confidence boost that I needed, showing me that I could travel as long as I wanted solo, and really enjoy myself, but it left me wondering if 3 months alone is really what I need/want. And perhaps just simply having the knowledge that I could do it is what I have been truly seeking.  I still will see the world, but just maybe in smaller bouts.  Time will tell.. :)

the bird xo

ps. pics of Chicago thrifting adventures coming soon! 
all pictures taken by me ;)


  1. Great post Ash. The pics are beautiful! Such a clever girl!

  2. I totally have to second your opinion on Chicago and Renegade! It was great to meet you. I still marvel at you traveling alone too!