Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Savvy Crafter Challenge!!!

savvy crafter
Who else out there has more supplies than they could ever possibly need, and yet still makes weekly or bi-weekly (or thrice-weekly, if we're really coming clean here) trips to the craft store?  Anybody else walk into their craft room, studio or sewing nook, and get so overwhelmed by the abundance of possible projects and stuff, that they simply turn off the light and walk away?  Or could anyone else possibly use a bit of extra cash for the holidays?!

If you fall into any (or all!) of the above categories, then why not join me for The Savvy Crafter Challenge, the first of it's kind here at A Bird Out of Water.  

This started as an idea I had a few weeks ago, originally just for myself.  Frustrated that I had not actually made anything in several weeks, I went to the local craft superstore to "get inspired".  However, upon arriving, I had a bit of an epiphany.  Perhaps the reason that I had not made much lately was that I already had way too much stuff, way too many supplies.  Walking into my craft room lately feels like system overload. I see all the potential projects that I have already purchased supplies for, and either have started and not finished, or in some cases (ok, a lot of cases) not even attempted at all!  That's when it hit me, I didn't need more stuff to get inspired, I just needed to make time to work on the things that I already have going on! 
So I decided I needed a little Craft Store Sabatical, a crafting supplies detox if you will...
And this brings us to our CHALLENGE! Join me for the ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER in The Savvy Crafter Challenge by refraining from buying any craft supplies! 

So what do you say, are you up for it? If so here are the rules....

The Savvy Crafter Challenge
1. NO purchasing craft supplies in any form, from any retailer, craft store or otherwise, for the entire month of October! (yes, that includes Target...)
2. Commit to making awesome projects, using only the loot you already have.
3. Make a personal goal (because only you know how much time you truly have to devote to crafting!) for a number of projects to make throughout the month. More on this later...
4. At the end of the month, assess your stockpile of supplies, and possibly purge if you feel you have too much. (Or just stop and say a little thank you for all the awesomeness you already possess in your very own craft room!)
5. Last, but not least, share you experience! Leave a comment if you plan on joining, and if you have a blog, post about it! I would love it if you guys would email me with pictures of your Savvy projects, and some may even be featured on the site! Feel free to use the one of the banners, just please include a link back to A Bird Out of Water! 

**Now what is totally allowed, and encouraged, is any sharing, swapping, and all forms of general raids on your mother/sister/best friend/obscure neighbor's craft room!** ;)
Now I know, I know, I can hear you already, "but it's October, it's Halloween, how can I not buy for Halloween?"  But that's a big part of what makes it fun, having to think outside of the box (as in big box store!) to come up with Halloween/Fall decor!  Plus, I would bet money that all of us crafty people have some Halloween supplies lurking somewhere if we dig a little! 

As for #3 for myself, I am choosing to make 4 projects throughout the month as my goal.  I feel this is a doable number, roughly one a week, and if I blow past my goal and wind up making 20, then that's awesome, but this is not about putting pressure on ourselves! I am hoping, at least for myself, to use this to jump start my creative juices and use some of the super cool supplies I have been sitting on the last few months! Plus, the Holidays (dun,dun,dun) will be here before we know it, and I know I'll feel a little extra weight in my pocketbook by the end of the month by staying out of the craft store! I hope you'll join me in The Savvy Crafter Challenge, but even if it winds up only being me, I am still SUPER excited! 
Creative juices, it's GO time!

Good Luck and Thanks for reading!
the bird xo

ps. if your joining the challenge grab a widget and spread the savvy!


  1. Such a wonderful idea and I would love to join you, but I would be only able to commit to making 0 projects! We are still in the middle of house muddle here but I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  2. Thanks Aubrey! Hope all is moving along well with the house! Renovations are tough, but totally worth it :)