Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I'm sure it's no surprise that I chose to be a bird for Halloween!  When I told one of my client's at work that I was being a bird for Halloween, she said to me, 'You must need to be free.' I felt like saying, 'Friend, you have no idea...' 
a bird out of water
I got the idea for the pillow case dress from Seablanket's contribution to A Beautiful Mess' 12 Days of Tricks and Treats, which was awesome! The beak and little head dress were little things I added myself. (in that pic above the breeze is blowing my "feather" down!)
a bird out of water
a bird out of water
JB dressed up as a bee, so that made us the bird and the bee... ;)
the bird & the bee...
We went to a little family party and it was great! My cousin's wife Danielle had decorated the house all up and it was so much fun to answer the door for trick-or-treaters! One little boy said to me, 'Hey, I like your nose.' Umm, thanks... ;)
savvy crafter #4
So the dress was obviously Savvy Crafter Project #4, and I hope to post project #3 in the next few days! It was super fun to make, but time consuming. I definitely spent most of my weekend sewing! And as today is October 31st, I officially made it through my Savvy Crafter Challenge! All 31 days, not a single item purchased and four projects completed! Woot-woot! (But you can bet this week's lunch money that I'll be hitting up Michael's tomorrow, for sure!)

I hope everyone had a great Halloween, I can't wait to see everybody's pictures up on the blogs this week!

the bird xo


  1. Your bird costume is adorable! I love the colors you chose. And congratulations on the savvy crafter challenge! yay!

  2. Love your dress. It turned out great!

  3. wow. What a creative little number. Well done. You looked tres chic!