Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Savvy Crafter Project Numero Uno!

I am ashamed to admit that I started this in February! (geez.) So I knew I wanted it to be the first thing I tackled for my Savvy Crafter Challenge! I was SO pumped last night to finish it and present it to JB, although, my surfboard does seem to fit just perfectly in it, so maybe we can share... ;)
Isn't our little house the cutest?! I am biased, I know, but I swear I am falling more in love with our house and our neighborhood everyday!  
You see that white house just across our driveway?  Two of our best buddies just moved in, how awesome is that? Friends across the street, the beach a block away, and a cool Fall breeze blowin', doesn't get much better in my book.
I hope these first few weeks of Fall are treating everyone well! I'll be back soon with some awesome thrift stores scores made by JB!
(one of the many reasons I love that man, he loves to thrift!)

warm hugs and cool Fall breezes,
the bird xo


  1. i am so jealous of your surfboard bag! i love it!the mister and i have been trying to planning a day to go surfing. we both miss it soo soo much and now that we have a car there is no excuse! we think for his birthday we might plan a trip!

    love your house and your neighborhood the houses are super cute!


  2. ah, thanks cb! surf trips are the best!

  3. wonderful! i love it.

    and your description of your current environment is delightful. <3

  4. I love it! Your neighborhood sounds just perfect too!