Monday, October 25, 2010

October is Running Away from Me....

First, how cute are those shoes.
Second, I'm tired. Like, don't know which way is up tired. I taught nine, count em' nine, sessions today, and my body and mind aren't telling me, they're yelling at me, "that's enough!"  I have so many projects/ideas/dreams that are just sitting on that back burner. I still want to blog some recent vintage purchases and birthday gifts, and as October is quickly coming to close, there are Halloween costumes to make, party decisions to be made, and Savvy Crafter projects to complete...
 But tomorrow is another day, another chance. Let's hope its a good one.

Hugs to you all, and thank you so, so much for taking a peek into my little space,
~the bird xo

ps. Fall weather, can you please come back? No one likes a tease, you know....


  1. hope you are able to take it easy soon! and yes those shoes are sooooo cute, are those yours?? i have been looking for a pair but coming up empty handed! :(


  2. Thanks cb! Unfortunately, no I do not own those shoes, but I wish I did!!