Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Stockpile of Thrifting Goodness

Recently we have acquired quite a few new treasures and I wanted to share! Let's start things off with this pretty a-ma-zing cathrineholm collection JB happened upon the other day while in our favorite local spot, Our Old Stuff.  This little corner of our kitchen is quickly becoming one of my favorite in the house!
The teapot is actually one of two he got, you can see the other here, and he also found the canisters at the same time. The chip and dip set was actually a birthday present from a dear friend who is about to depart permanently to Australia, and has to pare down his belongings (there are several other items on our little tour from the same source! Thanks Joe, we'll miss you.) Also notice the cart? That was another recent score and we replaced the shelf inserts with white MDF for a quick little diy face lift. The glass jars with the coordinating wood tops were purchased from Goodwill, and were actually meant for my craft room, but they just looked right there, and were perfect for holding up that plate!
Here we have some lovely seating additions to our eat in kitchen, again purchased from our departing friend. I love the color combo and the vinyl is super easy to clean, so perfect for the kitchen.  Below are a few recent glass purchases, again from our friend (that boy's got good taste!), some of which have a found a home, and some of which have not...
And then we hit the thrifting lottery and found this guy!!
This is an original Herman Miller Time Life chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1960 for the lobby of the Time Life building!!! It's brown leather with chrome legs, and I just love that small fabric rectangle on the back!
The bird painting above is one of several pieces of art we got from our friend, and below is an owl that he gave to me!
Slowly but surely over the last year our little house has started to fill up with things that we love! I can maybe even feel a small purge coming on, maybe a garage sale in the near future... I could definitely use a little cash for my impending trip, which I don't think I've mentioned yet....
 I am meeting two of my closest friends in New York City for Thanksgiving weekend!!!! Yea! JB has to work on Turkey Day this year, so we thought it was the perfect year for a girls only Macy's Day Parade/tons of black Friday shopping/eating all the good food we can kinda trip!

Thanks for taking a look at some our new goodies! What awesome thrifting scores have you guys made lately??

~the bird xo


  1. Wow! I love everything that you have thrifted. I am newer to it so I don't think I have "the eye" yet. I usually grab up books and any owl items I see : )

  2. I love the little cart full of fun goodies! And the Herman Miller chair! wow Yay for your finds!

  3. Thank you so much Aubrey and Emily! And Emily, I too (as you can prob tell!) have a thing for owls, but I do try to keep in check so I don't overdo it!!
    Thanks again for reading guys!