Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What A Difference A Day Can Make

 Ah, what a difference a day can make! Monday night I had reached burn out stage for sure, but Tuesday morning started off with a bit of really good news, and that was all it took to get me going again, and I feel much, much better!  So of course the natural thing to do was bake...
 After breezing through my morning sessions, I came home and made a batch of my favorite cookie, vegan pumpkin cookies.  It really is true how they say that just doing something will lead to getting other things done, because baking wasn't exactly on the to-do list, but once I got that done, it was like things just started to fly off that list! Amazing what one little piece of positivity can do, isn't it? (I'm sure it had nothing to do with a cookie induced sugar rush...)
And so since I spent the better portion of my afternoon yesterday in my lovely little kitchen, I thought I would share a little mini tour! Take a peek.
 After my baking was done, I was able to get caught up with a bunch of photo's that I have been meaning to take for the blog, get a workout in, make a yummy veggie stir-fry, and complete my third Savvy Crafter Project (more on that soon)!  It was amazing how much got done in an afternoon and an evening, and it felt very good! JB and I did, however, decide that a Halloween party was just not in the cards for us this year (sigh) but there is always next year! 

A little later keep your eyes peeled for more on that third Savvy Crafter Project and a post on some of recent thrifting scores.  Ah, it feels good to have some mojo flowing again!

And here I pause to give thanks for good news.  Sometimes one thing can change everything... 

the bird 


  1. I'm so glad you're feeling better!I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. Check here for more details.