Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Start of an Epic Journey

Yesterday we dropped our long time friend Joey off at the airport for the start of a new adventure.  Joe has left his job at as a flight nurse here in Orlando and is moving to Australia! (check out JB in my minty sunnies! hehe. it was super bright & he forgot his shades in his car! ;)
The Start of Joe's Epic Journey
The Start of Joe's Epic Journey
En route to the airport, Joe shared with us a tradition of "breaking" an apple and sharing it for good luck before departing on a journey.  He taught me how to split the apple with just my hands.
Breaking the Apple for good luck on Joe's Journey
After we dropped Joe off, JB and I stopped and got our first red cup of the season and discussed all sorts of possibilities the future may hold.  (We also hit up Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie...;)
First red cup of the year
Even though it was super sad to say good-bye to our friend, we couldn't be happier for him, (and can't wait to visit!) so yesterday was a great kick-off to this chilly weekend! Winter is definitely comin'! 

Stay Warm,
~the bird

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  1. i have always wanted to go to australia! i wish him the best! what a fun and exciting new journey for him!