Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Kinda Christmas Decor
The Girls with Glasses teamed up with Rue magazine for a to-die-for Holiday spread called Jingle Girl Rock, shot at the Elvis Wedding Night Hideaway. Our tree has been up for a few nights now, and this was the perfect inspiration to get decorating! I lovelovelove the color scheme! The first of two videos below, done by Shark Pig, is an inspiration piece to go along with the shoot, but I may love the second video even more, which is a behind the scenes peek!

 My mom just gave me a small 4ft white tree that I'm going to decorate for our back family room! The shoot's styling was done by the two girls from Bash, Please, and with the color scheme, fawns, and 50's vibe, could not be more spot on! I love their blog!  

I am smitten with Feather Love's photography, & her blog is definitely worth a peek if you have any interest in photography. Her use of light, and the warmth it gives to her shots, is so inspiring to me. These are the elements I would love to bring to my own shots someday...  
Photography is definitely a focus for me for 2011. Goodness, that sounds crazy, "2011"! In the mean time, I going to watch the behind the scenes video, just one more time... okay, maybe, twice. ;)

the bird xo

All photography shot by Feather Love; Videos by Shark Pig; Styling by Bash, Please


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the photos! We just got a new camera and I so want to take fabulous pictures now! This year we went with a white tree with a hint of iridescence. I am totally thrilled with it! Have fun decorating yours :)

  2. wow love your images of the vintage decor! that litle fawn is super cute on top of that cake!


  3. aubrey~ I hope you guys enjoyed Christmas!

    cb~ i love that fawn too! hope you had a great christmas!

    ~the bird