Sunday, January 9, 2011

Exciting Stuff!

 I have a little news involving one of these....
On Friday, I signed up for the first two classes of the photography program at Daytona State College! It's a smaller college, but they have a fierce photography department! So the next 16 weeks will be spent behind the lens of both a 35mm SLR and a DSLR, in the darkroom, and learning all about editing! In honor, I just had to draw myself a little Diana.
I hope everyone had a great weekend, I definitely did! They just always fly by though, don't they? And now, I MUST go to bed! 

the bird xo


  1. Welcome to Daytona State College! Great blog :D

  2. you are gonna have so much fun!i hope you share your projects and any tips you learn!


  3. very cool! congrats on the classes! I wish I had time (and money) to take some photo classes.

    I have a Holga and a fisheye lomo camera. They're a lot of fuN!

  4. this is wonderful news!

    i am so excited for you.

    looking forward to reading about the experience.


  5. mmko~ Thanks so much! Do you go to DSC as well?

    cb~I will definitely share tips! In fact I am thinking of incorporating photography into it's own section on the blog with weekly posts, so keep an eye out! Thanks for the encouragement!

    tsuki~ Thanks so much, I am very excited! I am dying to get a Holga or a Diana too, I may use that as a a little reward for getting through my first semester! :)

    diane~ Thanks for the support, I will try to share lots of details and tips I pick up!

    Blog buddies are the best! Thanks again everybody!