Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet My New Best Friend....

Say hello to my new partner in crime. This 35mm Canon EOS Elan will be attached to my hip, or actually slung around my neck, for the next four months.(She'll get a digital counterpart in a few weeks. Eeek!) Unfortunately, I can't get too attached, she's on loan from the DSC stockroom. 
To be honest, I was a little sad my uncle's Reagan era 35mm didn't work out, it had a great energy, but what this baby lacks in old school charm she definitely makes up for in ease of use!  I had planned on giving my camera a name, but I think I will keep to the ol' adage of "don't name it if you can't keep it" (it goes something like that, right?) since she's only a rental. ;)
Also, my new wingman and I are bringing a new addition to the blog....
behind the lens 3

 'Behind The Lens' is going to be a weekly log of sorts, chronicling my photographic journey. I want to share some of the prints I'll be making, along with any useful tips I pick up along the way. I'm so excited to get in the dark room! 

love and photos~
the bird 


  1. I am so glad you are going to do a 'behind the lense' feature! I haven't used film in forever. We got a dlsr for Christmas and there is quite the learning curve for me but it is fun!

  2. ooh i like the new posts you are going to start! so fun! and nice to meet you 35mm Canon EOS Elan! do you have a name for him yet....sorry he looks like a him to me :D


  3. aubrey~
    I can't wait to get my hands on a dslr! They offer so much freedom, but I have to say the intrigue of having to wait to see whats on your film is pretty great! I am excited about 'Behind the Lens' too, I am hoping it will help me share my work, which I feel rather nervous about!

  4. cb~
    I have to agree, my sidekick may be a him... I could see a masculine vibe ;) But no I am not going to name him/her/it bc I can't keep 'em! ;)

  5. The new posts you're going to start sound a lot of fun! And your camera looks impressive! Some wonderful pictures are ahead, I think! :)