Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A New Era for Spring?

I'm in love with this short video catalog from Free People's early spring collection! It's Parisian chic meets 1970's cool, and all I can say is, 'yes, please, I'll take one of everything.'

I feel a change in the fashion atmosphere as Spring approaches Possibly a shift away from the house dresses, structured angles and blunt bangs the Mad Men era has brought in, to maybe something a little more free, more easy, and dare I say it, perhaps even a bit groovy. Bring on the bell bottoms, the breezy tops, the long undone hair! At least in this house, the 70's are back baby!


  1. what a great video and the look of it too. i am a fan of the 70's hippie style and free people produce some really awesome things! love that brand :)


  2. I heart the 70's also, i was quite the trendsetter back then myself with my green cords and matching green denim jacket and socks pulled up over my knees!

  3. cb~ free people is definitely one of my fav's too! I am sooo excited to see a 70's/hippie style making a comeback, and loved the Parisian feel of the video!

    jb~ ah, yes, I remember the photos of you with your high socks and tight belt! ;)