Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Saddle Shoes on the First Day of School

 I survived my first day of school! Here's a little peek at my outfit, complete with a new pair of 'saddle shoes'! We snapped a few outfit pics really quick while relaxing on the porch after class so sorry there isn't a better shot, but you get the idea. ;)
Outfit Details:
sweater, tee: forever21
jeans: urban outfitters
shoes: vans
  With my fancy new shoes, I kept the rest of my outfit super simple with jeans, a t-shirt and my favorite cardigan. I have to admit one of the things I am the most excited about going back to school is the opportunity to wear something (anything!) other than black, stretchy workout pants, which has been my work uniform for the last 6+ years! JB said it's an official mandate, no workout wear to school. You got it babe!

 My first class went well. We jumped right in with camera basics like shutter speeds and aperture settings, all of which was super exciting, but alas, the camera I borrowed is not going to work (who'd of thought, 30 years in my uncle's closet wouldn't bode well for the light meter...) so it looks like I will be renting one after all, but hey, at least I tried. We start shooting this week and hopefully start dark room work next week.

Thanks to everyone on twitter who wished me luck today, it was great to get a little encouragement, I was definitely nervous, so thanks again.

~the bird


  1. cute shoes! glad the first day of class went well, can't wait to see your pictures!


  2. Cute cute! Glad to hear class went well. I have to say I'm jealous-- I want to go back to school! :)

  3. Saddle shoes are the perfect first day of school shoes--I remember wearing them with my uniform eons ago. I am so excited for and jealous of you taking photography classes! You are going to have to share your progress!

  4. cb, caiti, aubrey,
    Thanks ladies! I swear, blog buddies are the best! You guys are always so upbeat and encouraging, I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! Thanks for the comments, lots of fun new things to be shared coming down the pipeline for sure!