Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshots: Instagrams

Yesterday was the first Sunday for a new weekly feature called Sunday Snapshots, where every week I'm going to shoot throughout my Sunday. I've decided that while yesterday I loosely had the approach of a 'picture an hour' type post, every week won't follow that paradigm, and the photographic medium will often change. This Sunday's Snapshots all got the Instagram treatment, but I've already got another idea cooking for next Sunday. I had a blast with this, even more fun than I had expected! Not only did this little exercise result in me taking more pictures in one day than I have since I was in school, but it also helped my Sunday to be filled with lots of fun little things that made up a pretty great day as a whole. Sometimes I fall prey to 'doom and gloom of impending work week' syndrome, so Sunday flies by with not a whole lot to show for it, making Monday morning all the more unwelcome, but not so much yesterday. I was aware of my day and how I wanted to spend it, and wound up doing some things I really wanted to do. 

Anyways, here's my Sunday in a few snapshots.

6am Tea with JB before he heads out for his 24 hr shift at the station.
7am Snuggling with Sydney

8am breakfast
8am Mmmmm.. Blueberries.
9:15am Relaxing on the couch with my second cup of tea and sketching a little bird.
10am Birdie :)
11am Getting out on the bike for some sunshine and wind in my hair
Visiting JB at Fire Dept
11:30am Visiting JB at the station
It's hard to tell but that is a rainbow ring around the sun! It was amazing, and slightly frightening...
12pm On my bike ride home the tide was low enough for me to ride on the beach. I started to notice lots of people staring up into the sky with a look of bewilderment, not exactly the most comforting site. So, I stopped my bike and toward up to look at the sun, and there were not one but TWO RAINBOW CIRCLES around the Sun! I've never seen such a thing!
1:30pm lunch!
1:30 Lunch
3pm putting my feet up and snuggling with my girl
3pm Putting my feet up and snuggling with my fur baby

4:30 Research

6:30pm A little birthday celebration for my favorite Aunt.

8:30pm The view out my car window as I drove home over Rose Bay.

Next week I am going to use a different medium, but I am totally loving Instagram. You can find me on there as abirdoutwater. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. And please tell me I'm not the only one counting down the days till the impending long holiday weekend... :)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Candy for My Ears

It may seem to some like I must have been living under a rock, but until yesterday Camera Obscura was unknown to me.  Featured on Elsie's wedding ceremony post, their Razzle Dazzle Rose song had me dancing in our family room immediately, but it was this song and little video that stole my heart.  Everything about it, from the European back drop to the girls effortless style just made me feel super jazzed about my impending trip, although perhaps just a little wistful that my husband won't be joining me... but there's always next time!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Evenings and Seahorse Doodles

Our girl playing in the grassSummer evenings
We spent this evening out in our front yard enjoying a small bit of breeze and letting our pup play in the grass.  We've had some serious heat these last few days and it was nice to get outside, even if just for a little bit.  Isn't JB the cutest? The seahorses below are some prototypes for a little scheme me and  JB are cooking up...
Sea Horses

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A New Look, A Little Weight Off the Shoulders

Today I gave my little space a much needed little makeover.  My web design skills are novice at best, but I still love it! The picture above, and now also the blog's new banner, is my one and only self-portrait from school.  It, and the pictures below, are some of my favorites from the semester. In fact, this is one of the few shots of myself ever that I truly like, and I think its mainly because it was shot on an evening I have lovely memories from, and it looks to me how I actually see myself.  I'm not super comfortable yet in front of the camera and feel like most of the time, in shots of myself for the blog, it shows.  That's something I want to work on.  I especially love how in the shot below you can see one little piece of the dandelion floating away in the wind. I am thinking of using it to create a new blog button.
This morning my dad and I went out to an early breakfast of french toast and blueberry pancakes, and wound up chatting the morning away, until my mom finally called to ask if he was coming home for lunch!  It was a great morning, a morning that I definitely needed.  How does the old adage go, "By 25 you realize that your father was right about nearly everything..."? Well, regardless, one thing I know for sure, no one listens and gives guidance quite like your dad can.  After chatting about some pretty heavy things, I feel much more at ease, perhaps a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, so thanks Dad.  Sometimes I feel like I was born to be your daughter.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day with the important men in their lives.  I'll leave you with two more shots taken on the same evening and in the same St. Augustine park as the three above.


All shots taken by me with 35mm B&W film.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Art School Drop Out

35mm B&W
Above is a sampling of shots from my 35mm black and white portfolio. I have hesitated for almost four weeks to write this post. It is a fair statement to say that the experience of my semester in school was not exactly what I had hoped for.  

Ever the student, I couldn't wait to report to class. I envisioned four months of toiling away the hours with my camera and in the darkroom, and basically, you know, like, unlocking the great depths of creativity from within my soul. Nothing too lofty.

I actually can't put my finger on what went awry. Perhaps it was having a professor that made me feel less than comfortable, or the program's general commercial orientation, or maybe it was merely a simple case of just having way too much on my plate. (I opted to keep my work schedule full while in school so I could maintain the little things, like paying my mortgage.) Whatever the reason, or reasons, may have been, where I idealistically thought I would spend my semester floating on a cloud of creative bliss and emerge with artistic passion, I felt more like I trudged through a stagnate wasteland of uninspired poo. 

Okay, maybe that last statement is a bit dramatic, but let's just say it was not what I hoped/thought it would be. But on the flip side to that disappointment, there were some positives. The program was incredibly demanding, and while that made finding time for blogging and other creative pursuits next to impossible, rising to the challenge of the workload was incredibly rewarding and now that I've had an intro to Photoshop I have some new ideas for the look of the blog, which is in need of some love at the moment. And while the program felt, as I mentioned above extremely commercially driven, I do feel like I've developed a more astute 'eye', both in my own work and when looking to others for inspiration.  The best part though was meeting some wonderful new friends, two of which I am meeting later this week for lunch, so all was not a loss.

The above photos are favorites from the semester.  Now that school is done, I actually feel more inspired to pick up my camera and get out there again. There are more that I will share in the future. Thanks for taking a look.



Sunday, June 12, 2011

Travel Schemes and Old Friends

Friday afternoon was filled with old friends and plotting travels, and in what can only be called a fit of spontaneity, I am now set to board a Paris bound plane mid August.  Along with three of my childhood best friends, the plan is to have no plan as we traverse France, Spain, and Italy for three weeks.  

Does the fact that I have been back home in the United States just over two weeks, and have already purchased my next international plane ticket indicate that I have a problem? 
No, I didn't think so either.

Image Source via Pinterest

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Peek...

 Here's a little peek into my sketchbook...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

homegrown Sunday breakfast, party of one!

I grew these babies myself, and I must say, as far as taste and texture are concerned, store bought doesn't hold a candle to homegrown.
This morning my homegrown tomatoes were the perfect addition to my breakfast of egg whites, veggie sausage and toast. It was a very pleasant breakfast, albeit solo. But that's okay, if you notice, I had some reading material, the current issue of Artful Blogging and a Sabrina Ward Harrison book, to keep me occupied.
The rest of my day has been spent lounging around, one because that was about all that felt appealing, but more importantly, my fur baby is not been well, so I've stayed close to keep an eye her. I guess I'll just have to spend the day on the couch with my dog in my lap....

Hope your Sunday is as relaxing and mellow as mine as been. 


Friday, June 3, 2011

Feeling Inspired

After months of staring at the blank pages of a new sketchbook, I am finally putting aside the fear of making a mistake and getting down to business.