Monday, June 13, 2011

Art School Drop Out

35mm B&W
Above is a sampling of shots from my 35mm black and white portfolio. I have hesitated for almost four weeks to write this post. It is a fair statement to say that the experience of my semester in school was not exactly what I had hoped for.  

Ever the student, I couldn't wait to report to class. I envisioned four months of toiling away the hours with my camera and in the darkroom, and basically, you know, like, unlocking the great depths of creativity from within my soul. Nothing too lofty.

I actually can't put my finger on what went awry. Perhaps it was having a professor that made me feel less than comfortable, or the program's general commercial orientation, or maybe it was merely a simple case of just having way too much on my plate. (I opted to keep my work schedule full while in school so I could maintain the little things, like paying my mortgage.) Whatever the reason, or reasons, may have been, where I idealistically thought I would spend my semester floating on a cloud of creative bliss and emerge with artistic passion, I felt more like I trudged through a stagnate wasteland of uninspired poo. 

Okay, maybe that last statement is a bit dramatic, but let's just say it was not what I hoped/thought it would be. But on the flip side to that disappointment, there were some positives. The program was incredibly demanding, and while that made finding time for blogging and other creative pursuits next to impossible, rising to the challenge of the workload was incredibly rewarding and now that I've had an intro to Photoshop I have some new ideas for the look of the blog, which is in need of some love at the moment. And while the program felt, as I mentioned above extremely commercially driven, I do feel like I've developed a more astute 'eye', both in my own work and when looking to others for inspiration.  The best part though was meeting some wonderful new friends, two of which I am meeting later this week for lunch, so all was not a loss.

The above photos are favorites from the semester.  Now that school is done, I actually feel more inspired to pick up my camera and get out there again. There are more that I will share in the future. Thanks for taking a look.




  1. i think these are so great! i love black & white! surf boards are such beautiful objects and such a wonderful subject! i hope you show more of them sweetie!


  2. ah, such gorgeous photos!

    and you know what? as an artist (and human), it is super important for you to follow your bliss.

    and it sounds like this experience was not bliss.

    you are so wise to let go, move on, and follow your inspiration.

    i'm proud of you for being an artistic adventurer with awesome wanderlust!

    it is amazing to be able to dip your toes in many waters, try new things, find what feels right, and move forward intuitively.

    great work, friend. :)


  3. Lovely photos! I think it's great that you were able to have this experience, even if it didn't turn out as planned. I think that the things that don't work out can be super helpful in leading us down a truer, more authentic path.

    On to bigger and better things! <3