Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshots: Instagrams

Yesterday was the first Sunday for a new weekly feature called Sunday Snapshots, where every week I'm going to shoot throughout my Sunday. I've decided that while yesterday I loosely had the approach of a 'picture an hour' type post, every week won't follow that paradigm, and the photographic medium will often change. This Sunday's Snapshots all got the Instagram treatment, but I've already got another idea cooking for next Sunday. I had a blast with this, even more fun than I had expected! Not only did this little exercise result in me taking more pictures in one day than I have since I was in school, but it also helped my Sunday to be filled with lots of fun little things that made up a pretty great day as a whole. Sometimes I fall prey to 'doom and gloom of impending work week' syndrome, so Sunday flies by with not a whole lot to show for it, making Monday morning all the more unwelcome, but not so much yesterday. I was aware of my day and how I wanted to spend it, and wound up doing some things I really wanted to do. 

Anyways, here's my Sunday in a few snapshots.

6am Tea with JB before he heads out for his 24 hr shift at the station.
7am Snuggling with Sydney

8am breakfast
8am Mmmmm.. Blueberries.
9:15am Relaxing on the couch with my second cup of tea and sketching a little bird.
10am Birdie :)
11am Getting out on the bike for some sunshine and wind in my hair
Visiting JB at Fire Dept
11:30am Visiting JB at the station
It's hard to tell but that is a rainbow ring around the sun! It was amazing, and slightly frightening...
12pm On my bike ride home the tide was low enough for me to ride on the beach. I started to notice lots of people staring up into the sky with a look of bewilderment, not exactly the most comforting site. So, I stopped my bike and toward up to look at the sun, and there were not one but TWO RAINBOW CIRCLES around the Sun! I've never seen such a thing!
1:30pm lunch!
1:30 Lunch
3pm putting my feet up and snuggling with my girl
3pm Putting my feet up and snuggling with my fur baby

4:30 Research

6:30pm A little birthday celebration for my favorite Aunt.

8:30pm The view out my car window as I drove home over Rose Bay.

Next week I am going to use a different medium, but I am totally loving Instagram. You can find me on there as abirdoutwater. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. And please tell me I'm not the only one counting down the days till the impending long holiday weekend... :)



  1. what great pictures! i love the blueberry and waffle combo you got going on!!! i see you are reading up for your trip, how exciting!!


  2. Great photos! That would make the Sunday blah-work-is-coming feeling better. I still get it, even over the summer! Instagram is fun, I wish they had it for droid. Lee got a new iphone and I installed instragram and now he uses it all the time. Not quite my plan! :)