Sunday, June 12, 2011

Travel Schemes and Old Friends

Friday afternoon was filled with old friends and plotting travels, and in what can only be called a fit of spontaneity, I am now set to board a Paris bound plane mid August.  Along with three of my childhood best friends, the plan is to have no plan as we traverse France, Spain, and Italy for three weeks.  

Does the fact that I have been back home in the United States just over two weeks, and have already purchased my next international plane ticket indicate that I have a problem? 
No, I didn't think so either.

Image Source via Pinterest


  1. i am sooooo inspired by you! france, spain, and italy are at the absolute tippy top of my life wish list. your wanderlust is awesome + very motivating, friend. :)

  2. what an amazing time you are gonna have! a trip you will always remember! i have never been to spain, so take lots of pictures so i can live vicariously through you!


  3. diane~ thank you so much, you always leave the nicest comments!

    cb~ i will absolutely take lots of pictures my friend! have you ever been to Italy or France?