Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dining Alfresco in the Nation's Oldest City

The Gourmet Hut
Over the holiday weekend my parents and I drove about an hour north to St. Augustine, our country's oldest city. It felt like a very appropriate little road trip on the eve of our nation's Independence day, although I need very little coaxing to head up there, as ol' St. Auggie is one of my favorite places in the entire world. We happened to stumble on this little place to eat lunch called The Gourmet Hut. The ambiance of this place couldn't be any cuter, with ivy lined walls, strictly outdoor seating, and food that was out of this world delicious. A repeat visit will definitely be in order!
The Gourmet Hut
Lunch in St. AugustineLovely Outdoor SeatingLunch at The Gourmet Hut

Lunch with the FolksClay Pots and Chaulkboard Specials

Fresh Brewed
The Gourmet Hut
Here are some snapshots taken after lunch as we strolled through the city. If you look really closely over my left shoulder you can see a feather I had put in my hair in one of the local shops.

St. Augustine
Strolling through St. Augustine

Old City Charm
Feeding the meter for a strangerPeeking inside

After strolling and shopping a bit in the heat of July we cooled things off with the obligatory cup of gelato and then headed home. It was a wonderful little getaway.



  1. what a great little place! i would love to eat at the gourmet hut and the town looks so adorable! love small old towns..the feel is so awesome and everything looks so well maintained too :)


  2. Hello, my name is Nafa and I just saw your post about Gourmet Hut. I too am a huge fan of St. Augustine and try to get up there as often as possible. We found this place a few years back during a post-Thanksgiving extended weekend (from Tampa). It's a great little place, had breakfast there very morning of the stay. Thanks for posting the pictures!

    Take care,