Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sunday Snapshots: Instax

This weeks medium was Instax! I've been holding out on several boxes of Instax film, but part of this little weekly project is to make an effort to use some of the awesome things I have at my disposal, so NO MORE hoarding!!



I am going to be modifying 'Sunday Snapshots' just a little bit though because it occurred to me that if I want to use any type of film besides instant I would have a delay issue due to developing time. So I've decided that Sunday Snapshots will now be a collective of shots from throughout my week to be posted on Sunday instead of just shots taken on Sunday.  Plus that takes some of the pressure off of Sundays! (I'll admit, I cheated a bit with the holiday weekend. Two of these shots were taken on Monday! ;) I'm already getting excited for next weeks post!

Over the weekend I started researching lomography 'toy' cameras. I kind of can't believe I am so late to jump on this trend, but after spending yesterday afternoon doing a little online browsing I'm hooked! While I was in photography school I went to a 'fine art' show with my parents and I remember the one exhibitor that really caught my eye was this gentleman, who was shooting with just toy cameras, creating these big beautiful prints and then framing them.  The results were absolutely captivating and super dream-like. I remember being so jazzed on this type of photography, but in class that type of thing was often deemed 'cliche' so I put it out of my mind.  Not any more though! I am truly turned on to this medium and can't wait to get my hands on a toy camera.

So now the decision of Holga vs. Diana? Maybe both?! ;) I know a lot of my blogger friends have Diana's, and I kind of leaning that way. Any suggestions or previous experience? Any help would be greatly appreciated!



  1. i love the hanging succulent pot! i really need to get me one! i am not sure what camera you should get but both would be fun! either way film is awesome!


  2. I love the candy shot! I have been playing with my Polaroid cameras, and really want an Instax now because the film is easier to get. I also finished my first roll in the diana mini. I want to see which one you get and why.