Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

This week's shots weren't as impressive as I'd hoped, but this is what I came away with over the weekend.  Our weekend started off with brunch consisting of nutella crepes and spiced chai. It was ridiculously good, albeit much to rich to finish.

Any restaurant with a slogan like, 'When it rains, we pour!' is alright in my book!
We walked off brunch with a little stroll downtown to our local record store. Bon Iver's latest record may have came home with us.

And since we were downtown, we figured it only right to hit up a few thrift stores. This green teapot was calling to me, as I am dying to start a vintage teapot collection, but I am resolved to wait until we find the right china cabinet to start collecting. I need to have somewhere to put them!

Sunday evening ended with a stroll with the dog over to the beach.

Hope everyone had a delightful weekend! I can't believe tomorrow is Monday already.
Here we go again, right?!


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