Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blending in.

Or at least, attempting to.  I have been forewarned that casual American dress will make me stick out like a sore thumb, especially in France, so as I am starting to pack I wanted a little inspiration to create that je ne sais quoi of the French. As I perused the blogosphere and Pinterest for inspiration, I found some recurring elements amongst the style of the lovely Parisian ladies.

First, the importance/versatility of the white shirt.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: None via Ashley on Pinterest

Looser fits of clothing, along with layers. Lots of layers.

Top not buns. Easy and oh-so-chic.

Big bags. Big hats. Big sunglasses. Like, giant.

And finally, when in doubt, tuck that shirt in.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I think these chic young lady's hitting all of the above.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

As a little bonus, and since my first stop after Paris is the French Riveria, here's a little St. Tropez inspiration.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

And, to use as a packing guide, another travelers pre-packing round up.

Source: None via Ashley on Pinterest

Overall, you could say Europeans in general, although I think even more so with the Parisians, taking dressing up just a notch or two higher than we do here in the States. Anyone else notice, nary a sneaker in sight? What's a walking girl to do? Grin and bear it, apparently.

Another caveat to my packing, besides trying to garner just a little bit of chic, is that I am attempting to only bring a carry on. For three weeks of travel. And to just make it even a tiny bit more interesting, I am dealing with two very different climates. In France, especially in Paris, the expected weather is cool, in the low 70's for a daily high and 50's for a low at night, where as in Italy, temps should be in the upper 80's during the day.What's the saying, 'Nothing to it, but to do it'? Well, that's what I am about to attempt. Wish me luck.



  1. you are gonna have sooo much fun! packing is my least favorite but going to such a fashionable city it would be fun!

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