Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Snapshots: Photobooth Edition

Ok, so I know technically it's Monday, but I've had these photobooth shots for two weeks now and I've been saving 'em to post on a Sunday, and yesterday just got away from me, so here we are! Anyways, the first strip is from a few weeks back when me and my gal pals headed over to Orlando for a little night on the town to check out a small indie art gallery that was opening, and when we needed a late night bite to eat we stumbled upon Stardust, a local coffee shop/cafe/movie house. While some of the staff were just maybe a little too cool for school, or at the very least too cool to be nice to us, their redeeming quality was definitely their analog photobooth. Yes, that is a bowl of chips in our hands, and while I admit to nothing, it is possible that we were slightly intoxicated. Maybe, just a little. The next weekend after JB and I hit the Enzian, we scooted on over for a little snap session of our own.

I am determined to blog more this week, but as the trip gets closer, time is running like a bandit!


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  1. i love photobooth pictures! i try to take them as often as i can :) these are super cute!