Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Needs T.V.?

   JB and I gave up cable a few months back. We just weren't really watching much tv, and figured we could save ourselves some money and maybe find a little more time on our hands. But sometimes, especially with all the new fun Fall shows on, we miss it, just a little.  So we decided to put that extra evening time to some good use and walk over to the ocean, but we got a little side tracked by this swing set. You're never to old to hop on and feel the wind between your toes. 

 The little park at the end of our street.
 Best shot of the night, hands down.
Love that face.


  1. i don't watch much tv either and was contemplating getting rid of my cable too.. such a big waste of money!

  2. yea i don't miss having a tv but if there is a show we want to watch we will watch it on hulu or netflix, so much cheaper and yes we have way more time together <3 love the picture of you on the swing!

  3. Awe, cuties! Thank you for the sweet comment.
    xo, Elsie