Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Saturday Morning Radness....

As I lay in bed this morning at 6am, wide awake and trying to will myself back to sleep, because it is Saturday morning for crying out loud, I pinned a few fun things to my Pinterest boards. A little inspiration to start this weekend off right. Well that, and perhaps a blueberry waffle.
1. These are adorable.
2. This rug is so fun and whimsical, I think I need it.
3. Last Halloween involved the body and beak of a bird, this year maybe I need to add wings...
4. Melted crayon art. So fun!
5. Can someone tattoo this on my forehead, please? Like, right now.

   This last one is especially speaking to me this morning. Thursday evening I got together with two of closest friends for some wine, some pizza and blowin' off some steam. We've all had what you could call a trying month, for very different reasons, and sometimes nothing helps like a good friends' perspective.
    Change is on the way for me, and probably in a big way.  And while at the moment I am feeling very stuck, the truth is, there are lots of little opportunities buzzing around me, and I am just letting them buzz right by. Paralyzed by my own indecision. As my friend Mary put it, and so eloquently I might add, 'It's the laws of inertia, Ash. An object in motion will remain in motion, but an object at rest will remain at rest.' Basically, she was very nicely telling me to sac up and go for something. Anything.  I know she is right. That's the beauty of really great friends, they can tell you when you need to just quit whining, grow a pair and get out of your comfort zone. Okay Mary, I hear ya sister.  Loud and clear.

   JB leaves Monday for Nicaragua for 8 days, so today I am trying to soak up as much QT with that man as possible. I have some fun projects lined up for my solo week, one even for a friend's blog, which is super exciting! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I'll be back soon with some more travel posts. Next up is NicĂ©!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

Just a few Instagrams from my Sunday.

We had a great weekend, and I hope you did too.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some Tunes for this Thursday Morning

Radical Face - "Welcome Home" from Paul Chung on Vimeo.

I simply can't get enough of this song by Radical Face.  Plus lead singer Ben Cooper is Florida boy! Enjoy. :)


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poppytalk Autumn Colors Week

   This morning as I had my cup of tea and checked out what was new on Bloglovin' before work, I nearly fell out of my chair when I pulled up Poppytalk's posts and saw one of my very own shots featured in their Autumn Color Week series! The above photo was one of five shots shared this morning for today's color orange. You can check out the others here. The photos are all so lovely, especially that first one of the orange dress. That's one of those photos that makes you say, 'damn, why didn't I take that shot!'  It was honor to be included, for sure. You can check out the first two days of Autumn Color Week, yellow and red, here and here.
    All I wanted to do was tell someone, but it was 6:15am, and JB was working a 24hr shift at the fire dept. So I did the next best thing and texted my mom, because you can text your mother regardless of the time! I think this is maybe the most excited I have been at 6:15am, ever. I am sure it's really not that big of deal, but for me, it's the first time any of my work as ever been featured on another blog, let alone one of that caliber! Thanks Poppytalk, you made my day, maybe even my whole week!
   Below are a few other shots I had contributed to the Autumn Color Week group on Flickr.
 This one I submitted for Tuesday's color yellow.
All these shots were taken during my recent time spent abroad in France and Italy, which reminds me, I think it may be time to do another post sharing a bit more of that adventure!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

This weekend was filled with mini road trips, my three favorite kiddos, ballgames, and a Fall Festival. It was very fun, but Sunday night has come just a little too quickly.


Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to show this next week who's boss!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

'Lunchbreak' Takes First Prize

   Any girl who's ever been paddled around, cut off, or called out of the line up will appreciate this rad little flick of role reversal.

    The film parodies an old surf legend of the North Shore, this time with a feminist twist. Legend goes that the local 'Wolf Pack', Hawaii's most well known surf tribe, would call others out of the lineup, clearing the way for their own private surf session. The Wolf Pack is notorious for it's thug like intimidation tactics. I love this take on it, and it's awesome to see a both familiar and new faces with female surfers like Serena Brooke and newcomer hotshot Laura Enever.
   Today at the NYC Surf Film Festival 'Lunchbreak' took top honor in the short film category. JB and I daydreamed for a hot minute about an impromptu trip up to NYC, as this event seems like it would be filled to the brim with creative folks and inspiration, but with my European solo adventure still keeping me in the red and JB about to leave for Nicaragua in two weeks, it just wasn't in the budget cards. Maybe next year.
   One of two other surf films that I am dying to see, and another winner at this years film festival is 30,000, a story of twin brothers who travel 30,000 kilometers down Africa's coast, Casablanca to Cape Town....

   The second film, while not a film festival contender, was actually made by the creators of Lunchbreak. Again told through the eyes of female surfers,  this story looks at three close friends as they contend with traveling from there hometown of Phillip Island to Hawaii as they all three attempt to make it as pros.

   What I love about surf films, especially ones like 30,000 and First Love, is the mixture of wanderlust and the beautiful act of riding waves. It makes me want to sell all my belongings, buy a van and just never stop searching. But I guess I pretty much always want to do that anyways. 


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Racing Up Hills

   Mentally worn out and in need of some mushy brain time, today I hit the off button. I got off work a little early, tooled around Target for awhile, came home, had lunch while watching The Office (Season 3, the best) and read my new Design*Sponge book. It was a much needed mental reprieve. Sometimes my mind feels like a whirling dervish (ok, most of the time) but today as I settled in for a few laughs and a great book, I actually relaxed. And in that relaxed state, some thoughts actually slowed down enough to be beneficial.
   I have been wanting to be more honest on my blog. The tone of many of my posts feels perfunctory. A cute photo, some wordy quips, and that's about it. But I want to write. To write well, write honestly, and write often. It was one of the reasons I thought starting a blog would be a good creative outlet. I envy those that can lay it out there, no holds barred, letting the truth out, regardless of who or what it may be about. I am not sure that I can be that out there, nor do I feel that it is safe or in any way valuable to name names or specifics, so I won't. But I am going to be more honest in regards to myself, and write more about what is going on in my life, for no one else but myself.  I really don't see the point of blogging if I'm not being truthful and open, giving myself a platform to figure out some of the craziness that lives in my head. I mean, shoot, wasn't that the intention with the name A Bird Out of Water? That I felt out of place, awkward and stuck in the cliche that is a Quarter Life Crisis, and was looking for some clarity? Well, 25 was three years ago, and since I ain't getting any younger, I feel like I better get on the stick. So here goes, Operation Honest Blogging, Day 1.

   I am sure most of you have seen the movie Spanglish. The scene in the photograph below has been on my mind a lot this week. Tea Leoni is running to the to top of the hill, yelling 'Left!' as she passes by fellow joggers. Paz Vega's character, Flor the maid, sees her coming and starts to run, determined not to be passed by the woman who she is feeling manipulated and controlled by. She wants to beat her, even if its just once, dammit. She gives it everything she's got, but true to form, at the top of the hill, Tea turns around after passing her and says, 'I love you for trying.' Yep, know that feeling.
Pinned Image
   Sometimes I feel like Flor running to the top of that hill, minus the rocking bod and the Adam Sandler love triangle. (Although who doesn't love Mr. Sandler?) Most of us have a Tea Leoni in our lives in some form or another, and mine is constantly beating me to the top of that hill.
   So what to do? Flor quit, moved on. But as things usually go in real life, not Hollywood stories, it's just not that simple. But for now, one thing I know I can do is simply stop racing. I can't beat her, so the only way to stop exhausting myself is to just stop running up that hill. I have to learn to be content to move at my own pace, regardless of who passes me along the way.
    And to try, sometimes very hard, to remember that she, like me, probably has her very own Tea Leoni chasing her up her very own hill.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Lone Tree Bag

Remember a few days back when I told you about a project I was working on that couldn't share yet because it was a present? Well, since this little baby has been signed, sealed and delivered to my lovely friend Mary I can now have a little show'n'tell sesh.  I sewed up this tote bag with a little lone tree appliqued on the front. The bag is lined complete with a two pockets, one that just happens to be the perfect fit for a cell phone, and while it may be hard to tell the pockets are lined with the coordinating fabric of the tree. I apologize for the lack of quality of these shots, I quickly grabbed my phone to just get at least a few quick pics right as we were running out the door to dinner where it was about to be delivered. Something is better than nothing right?

Does anyone else notice the ability of Instagram to hide any manner of sins in regards to less than stellar photography? Seriously, you can take poor lighting and crappy angles, and *poof!* they become something just a little more appealing. Love it. If you want to follow my Instagram feed you can look me up under abirdoutofwater.

Hope everyone is doing well. This past week has felt like a week full of Mondays, but today feels better. Here's to a Tuesday!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Shrugging Off the Covers

Today is my birthday. Well, I can almost say 'was' my birthday as it quickly approaching midnight around these parts. Birthdays are strange things, aren't they? I feel like we all have little quirks about the day we were born and how we celebrate them, and I'm no exception. In all honesty, the last week of my 27th year wasn't the friendliest to me and mine, and my first instinct was to hide under the covers all day as I started off this new year. But I didn't.
JB and I slept in a little, and since it was extremely rainy, windy and just basically gross outside, we just relaxed and had a lazy morning. I wanted to get out of the house so we headed to a few of our local haunts and then did a little B&N date.

We hit up our favorite vintage store in town, Our Old Stuff, and I bought myself a little birthday gift. This is a Hornsea teapot, circa 1973. Who do those flowers remind you of? ;)

After going out for a Mexican dinner (my fav) with my folks, we headed back to their place where we were joined by my aunt and uncle to have some mini cupcakes. Sidenote: JB loves miniature food, he says it makes him feel like a giant. That boy is funny.

JB got me some new shoes! My grey TOMS bit the dust quite awhile back and I have been eyeing these babies for quite some time. The red feels fancy!

My dad picked this little guy out for me, and I love him! He's super teeny, and his head opens as a lid to house something very small, like a little secret hiding place. I think he needs a name!

My parents, my in-laws, and my aunt and uncle all made nice contributions to the picture taking machine fund, and JB also got me the Design*Sponge book and Bridesmaids on DVD.  Another highlight was a voicemail from my cousin's three kids, ages 6, 4, and 2, all wishing this Auntie Bird a happy birthday. All in all, it was a great day, leaving me feeling very loved.  It was probably best I got out from under those sheets after all.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perhaps the Best Present Ever?

   A few days ago one of my clients who knows how much I love photography, especially Polaroids, came in and said he had found something buried deep in a closet that I may be interested in. He then proceeded to whip out this bad boy, a 6pk Value Pack of Polaroid film, circa 1998. Maybe interested? I think my reaction was something more like the jaws of life couldn't have retrieved that package from my vice grip once I got my hands on it.  Now I realize that with a date stamp like that it'll be an instant film miracle if they actually work, but I was thrilled to the point of giddiness, none the less.
    Knowing I wanted to blog about this, I set up my mini tripod and had myself a little photo session. The results weren't exactly America's Next Top Model worthy.

   Now, on an unrelated topic, me and my family clan have had a real doozy of a two days. The phrase 'and the hits just keep on comin' would be apt. So in an attempt to lighten everyone's mood, at my own pride's expense, I put together a little slideshow of some of the outtakes.

Clearly my self portrait/posing skills need work. Hope this made you giggle. ~ab

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday Wishin'

   My birthday is right around the corner, and even though I've told JB that my three weeks of trekking around Europe can be my birthday gift for the next 10 years, a girl can still dream! Here's a few items that have caught my eye...

I have been wanting a Mini Diana since way back when, but a kelly green one? Oh my.

My version of ruby red slippers.
Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

A few books to add to the shelf.

I have been admiring Hi Tree for years now. Tina Rodas is a felt wonder woman and her work is definitely a huge source of inspiration! This little pin cushion just melts my heart.
Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

How's everyone's first few days of October treating them? Anyone gotten down to business with any Fall inspired diy's yet? I'm currently in the midst of making a birthday present for one of friends, but since it's a gift I want to wait till it's been delivered to share pics. But soon, very soon!


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