Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some Saturday Morning Radness....

As I lay in bed this morning at 6am, wide awake and trying to will myself back to sleep, because it is Saturday morning for crying out loud, I pinned a few fun things to my Pinterest boards. A little inspiration to start this weekend off right. Well that, and perhaps a blueberry waffle.
1. These are adorable.
2. This rug is so fun and whimsical, I think I need it.
3. Last Halloween involved the body and beak of a bird, this year maybe I need to add wings...
4. Melted crayon art. So fun!
5. Can someone tattoo this on my forehead, please? Like, right now.

   This last one is especially speaking to me this morning. Thursday evening I got together with two of closest friends for some wine, some pizza and blowin' off some steam. We've all had what you could call a trying month, for very different reasons, and sometimes nothing helps like a good friends' perspective.
    Change is on the way for me, and probably in a big way.  And while at the moment I am feeling very stuck, the truth is, there are lots of little opportunities buzzing around me, and I am just letting them buzz right by. Paralyzed by my own indecision. As my friend Mary put it, and so eloquently I might add, 'It's the laws of inertia, Ash. An object in motion will remain in motion, but an object at rest will remain at rest.' Basically, she was very nicely telling me to sac up and go for something. Anything.  I know she is right. That's the beauty of really great friends, they can tell you when you need to just quit whining, grow a pair and get out of your comfort zone. Okay Mary, I hear ya sister.  Loud and clear.

   JB leaves Monday for Nicaragua for 8 days, so today I am trying to soak up as much QT with that man as possible. I have some fun projects lined up for my solo week, one even for a friend's blog, which is super exciting! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and I'll be back soon with some more travel posts. Next up is NicĂ©!



  1. I loved the rug! Thanks for sharing your pins!

  2. ahh i forgot about that pin!.. the little girl with the wings.. i pinned it a while ago too.. i thought i'd make the wings for halloween :) maybe next year!.. they do look pretty amazing.

  3. i love that runner! so so cute!!! oh man nicaragua! how awesome! is he going just for fun? well very jealous!

  4. those socks are so cute and look so comfy!

    as far as indecision goes, i can totally relate. it's so frustrating to know that it prevents you from some really good things!