Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday Wishin'

   My birthday is right around the corner, and even though I've told JB that my three weeks of trekking around Europe can be my birthday gift for the next 10 years, a girl can still dream! Here's a few items that have caught my eye...

I have been wanting a Mini Diana since way back when, but a kelly green one? Oh my.

My version of ruby red slippers.
Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

A few books to add to the shelf.

I have been admiring Hi Tree for years now. Tina Rodas is a felt wonder woman and her work is definitely a huge source of inspiration! This little pin cushion just melts my heart.
Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

How's everyone's first few days of October treating them? Anyone gotten down to business with any Fall inspired diy's yet? I'm currently in the midst of making a birthday present for one of friends, but since it's a gift I want to wait till it's been delivered to share pics. But soon, very soon!


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  1. so much cutest those TOMS are great

  2. happy early birthday. you must get a pair of red toms, i love my red toms sooooo much!