Thursday, October 13, 2011

'Lunchbreak' Takes First Prize

   Any girl who's ever been paddled around, cut off, or called out of the line up will appreciate this rad little flick of role reversal.

    The film parodies an old surf legend of the North Shore, this time with a feminist twist. Legend goes that the local 'Wolf Pack', Hawaii's most well known surf tribe, would call others out of the lineup, clearing the way for their own private surf session. The Wolf Pack is notorious for it's thug like intimidation tactics. I love this take on it, and it's awesome to see a both familiar and new faces with female surfers like Serena Brooke and newcomer hotshot Laura Enever.
   Today at the NYC Surf Film Festival 'Lunchbreak' took top honor in the short film category. JB and I daydreamed for a hot minute about an impromptu trip up to NYC, as this event seems like it would be filled to the brim with creative folks and inspiration, but with my European solo adventure still keeping me in the red and JB about to leave for Nicaragua in two weeks, it just wasn't in the budget cards. Maybe next year.
   One of two other surf films that I am dying to see, and another winner at this years film festival is 30,000, a story of twin brothers who travel 30,000 kilometers down Africa's coast, Casablanca to Cape Town....

   The second film, while not a film festival contender, was actually made by the creators of Lunchbreak. Again told through the eyes of female surfers,  this story looks at three close friends as they contend with traveling from there hometown of Phillip Island to Hawaii as they all three attempt to make it as pros.

   What I love about surf films, especially ones like 30,000 and First Love, is the mixture of wanderlust and the beautiful act of riding waves. It makes me want to sell all my belongings, buy a van and just never stop searching. But I guess I pretty much always want to do that anyways. 


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  1. This makes me miss surfing sooooooo much! I need to really get back in the water!