Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perhaps the Best Present Ever?

   A few days ago one of my clients who knows how much I love photography, especially Polaroids, came in and said he had found something buried deep in a closet that I may be interested in. He then proceeded to whip out this bad boy, a 6pk Value Pack of Polaroid film, circa 1998. Maybe interested? I think my reaction was something more like the jaws of life couldn't have retrieved that package from my vice grip once I got my hands on it.  Now I realize that with a date stamp like that it'll be an instant film miracle if they actually work, but I was thrilled to the point of giddiness, none the less.
    Knowing I wanted to blog about this, I set up my mini tripod and had myself a little photo session. The results weren't exactly America's Next Top Model worthy.

   Now, on an unrelated topic, me and my family clan have had a real doozy of a two days. The phrase 'and the hits just keep on comin' would be apt. So in an attempt to lighten everyone's mood, at my own pride's expense, I put together a little slideshow of some of the outtakes.

Clearly my self portrait/posing skills need work. Hope this made you giggle. ~ab


  1. I love Polaroids! My boyfriend and I have started using disposable cameras for our pictures, because they just turn out so wonderful! :) You're very pretty also! :) Feel free to stop and check out my blog if you like I am just getting back into it!!

  2. Love the slideshow Ash. It made me laugh. You're such a cutie! Love you. Aunt Linda

  3. what an awesome gift and still in the package!! wow!! i am super jealous, those are so expensive now! can't wait to see your pictures!

  4. a fantastic gift + an adorable slide show of you!

    i look forward to seeing those snaps.


  5. yay for surprises! cute looks like you're doing a happy Polaroid disco dance.

  6. Thanks everybody for the super nice comments! Sometimes you just need to be silly, ya know? Thanks again!