Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Poppytalk Autumn Colors Week

   This morning as I had my cup of tea and checked out what was new on Bloglovin' before work, I nearly fell out of my chair when I pulled up Poppytalk's posts and saw one of my very own shots featured in their Autumn Color Week series! The above photo was one of five shots shared this morning for today's color orange. You can check out the others here. The photos are all so lovely, especially that first one of the orange dress. That's one of those photos that makes you say, 'damn, why didn't I take that shot!'  It was honor to be included, for sure. You can check out the first two days of Autumn Color Week, yellow and red, here and here.
    All I wanted to do was tell someone, but it was 6:15am, and JB was working a 24hr shift at the fire dept. So I did the next best thing and texted my mom, because you can text your mother regardless of the time! I think this is maybe the most excited I have been at 6:15am, ever. I am sure it's really not that big of deal, but for me, it's the first time any of my work as ever been featured on another blog, let alone one of that caliber! Thanks Poppytalk, you made my day, maybe even my whole week!
   Below are a few other shots I had contributed to the Autumn Color Week group on Flickr.
 This one I submitted for Tuesday's color yellow.
All these shots were taken during my recent time spent abroad in France and Italy, which reminds me, I think it may be time to do another post sharing a bit more of that adventure!



  1. WOW! the colors of those peaches just pop right off the screen! the other pictures turned out awesome too! love them all!